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zen scott feldman
zen scott feldman


Corey Feldman is a notable American entertainer who has a total assets of $3 million starting around 2023. His achievements in acting and singing have established his remaining as a noticeable character in the diversion sector.Recognized for his outstanding exhibitions on screen and his endeavors in promotion, Corey’s street to progress has been a blend of accomplishments and snags.

Who is Zen Scott Feldman?

Harmony Scott Feldman, the posterity of Corey Feldman, has a heredity attached to the prestigious entertainer known for his noteworthy jobs in films like Reserve Me and The Goonies, guaranteeing his presence in the public eye since youth. With three relationships added to his repertoire, Corey Feldman has explored the intricacies of connections while raising Harmony as his solitary kid.

With the arrival of his narrative “(my) Truth: The Assault of Two Coreys,” on Walk 9, 2020, Corey Feldman left on an individual excursion that uncovered the frightening occasions he and his nearby mate Corey Haim had all through their early stages in Hollywood. Harmony has been Corey’s steady wellspring of help the two his ups and downs, assisting him with confronting his battles with discouragement and medication abuse.

The association of Corey and Susie, Harmony’s folks, bloomed in the core of Hollywood, coming full circle in marriage on October 30, 2002. Nonetheless, their process together finished up in 2014 with the disintegration of their seven-year marriage.

Zen Scott Feldman Biography

Brought into the world on August 7, 2004, in Los Angeles, US, Harmony lives with his mom, Susie. As the sole offspring of Corey Feldman, Harmony was supported inside the Jewish confidence, his visionary sign lining up with Leo.

As of late, Harmony partook in a secondary school dance, an occasion Corey Feldman thankfully recognizes as giving Harmony a similarity to business as usual, a differentiation to his own childhood.

Without any kin, Harmony keeps a protected position in regards to subtleties of his initial life, regarding his folks’ craving for security and safeguarding him from according to the media.

Zen Scott Feldman Age

At 19 years of age in 2023, Harmony Scott Feldman’s birthdate is August 7, 2004. He stands firm on the special footing as the underside child of the eminent entertainer Corey Feldman and entertainer Susie Feldman. Harmony has earned respect for his strong job in helping his dad, Corey Feldman, in exploring through difficulties like wretchedness and the intricacies of popularity inside media outlets.

Zen Scott Feldman Height and Weight

Harmony Scott Feldman remains at the estimated level of 175 cm, or 1.75 meters, or 5 feet 9 inches. His estimated weight is fifty kilos, or 112 pounds. As far as appearance, Harmony shows up more like his dad, Corey Feldman, than his mom, Susie Feldman.

Zen Scott Feldman Career

Corey Feldman and Susie have made defending Harmony their first concern, purposefully getting him far from the spotlight and media outlets. This choice was obvious in Harmony’s nonattendance from the underlying time of Feldman’s show, “The couple Two Coreys,” a decision together.

Corey stays enduring in his conviction that Harmony ought to be safeguarded from the business until he arrives at an age where he can freely choose his way. When examined by paparazzi concerning Harmony’s likely section into the film business, Corey unequivocally answered, “Heck, no!” He is focused on guaranteeing Harmony’s wellbeing and satisfaction, supporting for upgraded defending measures for kids on film sets.

In January 2019, Corey Feldman and Harmony went to a recognition occasion regarding Stan Lee, recognizing the tradition of the Wonder symbol. Moreover, they as of late partaken in an excursion to Disneyland to stamp the finish of Feldman’s narrative. At Disneyland, Harmony and Feldman had the excitement of guiding the Thousand years Hawk ride and catching minutes with Courtney, Feldman’s better half, and their circles.

Zen Scott Feldman Net Worth

Throughout the long term, Corey Feldman’s monetary standing has shown consistent improvement.His assessed $3 million total assets by 2023 is confirmation of his ability in both acting and music. From 2018 to 2His assessed $3 million total assets by 2023 shows that he has the stuff to find success in both acting and music. Corey’s expanded total assets from 2018 to 2023 is proof of his steady endeavors and commitment to various expert undertakings.

Zen Scott Feldman Family 

Susie Feldman, Harmony’s mom, encountered Corey in Hollywood while commending her nineteenth birthday celebration with companions. His capacity to prevail in both music and acting is shown by his projected $3 million total assets by 2023. Corey’s expanded total assets from 2018 to 2023 is proof of his predictable endeavors and commitment to different expert undertakings.

Susie Feldman, additionally a figure in media outlets, showed up in the unscripted television series “The Two Coreys.” Past TV, she has sought after a demonstrating vocation, highlighting in distributions like Stuff and Playboy. Also, Susie has loaned her help to different causes, including support for basic entitlements through associations like PETA.

Harmony Scott’s fatherly forebear, Corey Feldman, a person of 48 yearly upheavals, arises as an eminent American illuminating presence, exemplifying jobs as an entertainer, vocal entertainer, melodist, and promoter. During the 1980s, films like “Demons,” “The Goonies,” and “Stand by Me” moved him to fame. A Lifetime Accomplishment Grant was introduced to Corey by the Youthful Performer Grants in 2018.

Feldman has battled with despondency and substance misuse, yet he credits his family’s help — particularly from Harmony — for assisting him with escaping the opening. His descendants’ brilliant visual spheres and bright smiles act as wellsprings of felicity and catalyst, unequivocally sustaining a healthy effect upon his reality.

Zen Scott Feldman Relationships

Starting around 2023, Harmony Scott stays unattached and isn’t sincerely associated with anybody. His folks express a craving for him to keep a position of safety and focus on his scholastic interests.


Birthdate and Age: Zen Scott Feldman was born on August 7, 2004, making him 19 years old as of 2023.

Parents: He is the son of actor Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman.

Height and Weight: Zen is approximately 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs around 50 kg (112 pounds).

Ethnicity and Religion: He was raised in the Jewish faith.

Astrological Sign: Zen’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Residence: He lives with his mother, Susie Feldman, in Los Angeles, California.

Privacy: His parents have made a conscious effort to keep Zen out of the public eye to ensure he has a normal upbringing.

Supportive Role: Zen has been a significant source of support for his father, Corey Feldman, particularly during Corey’s struggles with depression and substance abuse.

Public Appearances: Despite being kept out of the spotlight, Zen has made occasional public appearances, such as attending a tribute event for Stan Lee and visiting Disneyland with his family.

Corey Feldman’s Net Worth: While Zen’s personal net worth is unknown, his father, Corey Feldman, has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023.

Family Background: Zen’s mother, Susie Feldman, is also in the entertainment industry, having appeared on the reality TV show “The Two Coreys” and worked as a model.

Career Path: Zen’s parents have shielded him from entering the entertainment industry at a young age, allowing him the freedom to choose his own career path when he is older.

No Known Relationships: As of 2023, Zen Scott Feldman is not known to be in a romantic relationship.

Father’s Advocacy: Corey Feldman has been a vocal advocate for enhanced child protection measures on film sets, driven by his desire to protect Zen from the harsh realities of the entertainment industry.


Born August 7, 2004, Scott Feldman is the son of Harmony Corey and Susie Feldman. He is 19 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, and fifty kilograms in weight.Raised away from the spotlight, Harmony has been a steady figure for his dad. Corey Feldman has a total assets of $3 million, accomplished through his profession in acting and music. Harmony’s folks have attempted to safeguard his security, permitting him to carry on with a moderately typical existence.


Who are Zen Scott Feldman’s parents?

Zen Scott Feldman’s parents are Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman.

How old is Zen Scott Feldman?

Zen Scott Feldman is 19 years old as of 2023.

What is Zen Scott Feldman’s height and weight?

Zen Scott Feldman is approximately 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs around 50 kg (112 pounds).

What is Zen Scott Feldman’s net worth?

Zen Scott Feldman’s personal net worth is not publicly known, but his father, Corey Feldman, has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023.

Is Zen Scott Feldman in a relationship?

As of 2023, Zen Scott Feldman is not known to be in a romantic relationship.

What is Zen Scott Feldman’s career?

Zen Scott Feldman does not have a public career as his parents have kept him away from the entertainment industry to allow him to make his own decisions when he is older.

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