What to Expect Before and After Breast Implant Removal

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You might be considering getting your breast implants removed and have been searching locally by Googling “breast implant removal in Wellington”. It’s important to do your research. Before you find and select your surgeon, take some time to read this article to learn more about what you can expect before and after the surgery.

What To Expect Before and After Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal is a highly personal choice for many women. One common reason for seeking out this procedure is that the implants themselves need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Alternatively, some women may want to return to a more natural look or seek to remove any scar tissue that has formed as a result of their original implant surgery.

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing implants or wish to remove them entirely, it’s important to find a surgeon who is well-qualified and experienced in carrying out breast implant removal in Wellington. It’s also important that you understand what is involved in the surgery itself as well as what you’ll need to do before and after your implants are removed.

Before Breast Implant Removal

Your surgeon will review your medical history and may ask you to get a medical evaluation to confirm if you have any issues that could affect the procedure. If you’re taking certain medications, be sure to tell your surgeon, general practitioner, and anyone else involved in your healthcare. You may also be asked to make any lifestyle changes, such as stopping smoking, and to avoid taking anything that can increase bleeding, such as aspirin or certain herbal supplements.

On the day of your scheduled surgery, you’ll meet the surgery team and be brought into the surgery’s preoperative room. Here, you’ll change into your surgery gown, undergo any pre-operation procedures, and have a final opportunity to discuss the surgery. You’ll then be brought into the surgery room and undergo the removal under the care of the surgery team.

After Breast Implant Removal

Following removal, you’ll be brought into the surgery’s recovery room. The operated area may be bandaged to help protect incision sites and reduce swelling. Drains may also be inserted to help blood and fluids drain away from the body, to prevent the risk of poisoning. Full recovery from surgery usually takes several weeks, and it’s highly recommended that you avoid activities that could put strain on the chest area, arms, or upper body.

You’ll receive specific instructions from your surgery team on how to manage your recovery process. You’ll be informed on what to expect in terms of recovery, including when you can return to doing certain activities. You’ll also learn how to safely bathe and care for your incision sites, how to manage any pain you experience, and when to contact your doctor if there are any post-surgery complications.

Find the Experts In Breast Implant Removal in Wellington 

Now that you know what to expect before and after breast implant removal surgery, you can begin to research which surgeon is best placed to look after you. A cursory online search can help you identify reputable surgeons serving residents in the Wellington area. You can then get in contact with them to ask about their process and how they manage before and after care with breast implant removal surgery.

Knowledge is power, and knowing what is involved in breast implant removal surgery can help you to make an informed choice on your cosmetic surgery needs. Whether you’re seeking a more natural look, need to replace your existing implants, or even need to have a prior implant job repaired, it’s important that you prepare yourself to undergo the procedure and that you have your post-surgery recovery plan formulated.

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