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valerie vaughn
valerie vaughn

Prior to this, Valerie Vaughn was wed to Joseph Simmons, better known as Rev Run. Valerie is an American educator who has committed her expert life to instructing.She is likewise notable for being the mother of Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons, two notable unscripted TV characters who acquired reputation because of their jobs on Growing Up Hip Bob.

Details about Valerie Vaughn’s profile

Full NameValerie Vaughn
Date of BirthMay 11, 1966
Age58 years old (2024)
ProfessionProfessional Teacher
Sexual OrientationStraight
Zodiac SignTaurus
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameAlfonzy Vaughn III

Early Life & Schooling

Valerie Vaughn appeared on the scene on May 17, 1966, to cherishing guardians, Danny Vaughn and June A. Taylor. She initially hails from Cameroon yet advanced toward the US in 2005, looking for new open doors and undertakings. Unfortunately, misfortune struck in 2022 when she lost both her folks, albeit the specific dates stay muddled. 

Her instructive excursion started at Andrew Jackson Secondary School in Kentucky, where she graduated in 1984, finishing her fundamental training. Years after the fact, on February 18, 2018, Valerie accomplished a critical achievement by procuring her PCP of Instruction degree from Walden College. This achievement mirrors her commitment to learning and her quest for greatness in her field.

Valerie Vaughn Career 

Valerie Vaughn was employed by the NYC Department of Education in the past and is officially certified as a teacher. Given her ex-partner’s excellent job, it’s plausible to assume that she earned a percentage of his wages, even though information regarding her exact pay or past earnings is not publicly available. This presumption originates from the custom of asset sharing or spousal assistance in certain situations.

Valerie Vaughn Net Worth 

Valerie Vaughn has advanced in her job as an instructor, despite her desire to remain anonymous regarding her financial situation. Although her exact wages are unknown, internet resources indicate that the average teacher pay in the US is approximately $63,645 annually. In addition, it’s thought that after their divorce, Valerie’s ex-husband gave her a sizeable settlement and spousal maintenance.

Given that her ex-husband Joseph Simmons is thought to be worth $60 million, Valerie and her family probably lead comfortable lives in the US. Joseph’s fortune, accumulated from his prosperous pursuits as a rapper, producer, DJ, and television personality, enhances family financial security and welfare.

Valerie Vaughn Married Life


In 1983, Valerie Vaughn and Joseph Ward Simmons, famously known as Rev. Run, exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey together.Run was a multi-talented artist known for his acting, songwriting, and rapping skills. He lived with Valerie and raised three children together: Joseph “Jojo” Ward Simmons Jr., Vanessa Simmons, and Angela Simmons.

However, when assault allegations against Simmons surfaced in 1992, their euphoric marriage was raised doubt about. Legal procedures followed an occurrence in 1989 after one of his gigs in which he was claimed to have attacked a 22-year-old fan. Simmons recognized having consensual connections yet denied any unfortunate behavior; nonetheless, the case was excused because of lacking proof. By and by, Valerie sought legal separation because of the strain in their marriage.

Valerie, who also has a child named Dayan Danielle from a previous relationship, found love again and tied the knot with Alfonzy Vaughn III in March 2002. Alfonzy, a Westbury, New York native and Westbury High School graduate, became Valerie’s partner in life. Presently, the couple resides in Queens, New York, where they continue to nurture their family. Their union was blessed with a daughter named Tiffany Vaughn.

While Valerie openly shared a snapshot celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary in 2018, she maintains privacy regarding her husband’s occupation, leaving his profession shrouded in mystery.


  • Valerie Vaughn was born on May 11, 1966, and is of African-American ethnicity.
  • She is a professional teacher who has dedicated her career to education.
  • Valerie was previously married to Joseph Simmons, also known as Rev Run, and they have 
  • three children together: Joseph “Jojo” Ward Simmons Jr., Vanessa Simmons, and Angela Simmons.
  • After her divorce from Joseph Simmons, Valerie married Alfonzy Vaughn III in March 2002, and 
  • They have a daughter named Tiffany Vaughn.
  • Valerie lost both of her parents in 2022, although the exact dates remain unclear.
  • She graduated from Andrew Jackson High School in Kentucky in 1984 and earned her Doctor of Education degree from Walden University on February 18, 2018.


Valerie Vaughn is a seasoned educator who has made significant contributions to the field of education. Born in 1966, she embarked on her teaching career after completing her education in Kentucky. Valerie gained public attention as the former spouse of Joseph Simmons, also known as Rev Run, with whom she shares three children. Despite facing personal challenges, including the loss of her parents and a divorce, Valerie has remained resilient and focused on her professional growth. Her dedication to education and commitment to excellence are evident in her academic achievements, including earning a Doctor of Education degree.


1,What is Valerie Vaughn’s profession?

Valerie Vaughn is a professional teacher who has worked in the education sector for several years.

2.How many children does Valerie Vaughn have?

Valerie Vaughn has three children from her marriage to Joseph Simmons: Joseph “Jojo” Ward Simmons Jr., Vanessa Simmons, and Angela Simmons.

3.When did Valerie Vaughn marry Alfonzy Vaughn III?

Valerie Vaughn married Alfonzy Vaughn III in March 2002.

4.What is Valerie Vaughn’s educational background?

Valerie Vaughn graduated from Andrew Jackson High School in Kentucky in 1984 and earned her Doctor of Education degree from Walden University in 2018.

5.What is Valerie Vaughn’s net worth?

While Valerie Vaughn’s exact net worth is unknown, she likely received a significant settlement and spousal support following her divorce from Joseph Simmons, who is estimated to be worth $60 million. Additionally, as a professional teacher, she earns a salary within the average range for educators in the United States.

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