Who is Trey Hardesty James? Bio, Height, weight, Family, Education, Personal life, Net worth, Career,  and Profession

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trey hardesty james
trey hardesty james

Who is Trey Hardesty James ?

Trey Hardesty James, son of the legendary Rick James, chose business over music, rising from modest beginnings to become CEO of Trinity Fencing. His journey showcases resilience and tenacity, proving that success is achievable through hard work and merit. Raised in Hollywood, Trey’s education and diverse professional experience shaped him into a shrewd leader. His story inspires, emphasizing the power of determination to overcome the shadow of a famous family legacy.

Trey Hardesty James – Family 

Three pointer Hardesty James exemplifies the heartbeat of the famous Rick James family adventure, known for its melodic energy and social importance. With hits like “Super Freak” and critically acclaimed albums like “Street Songs,” his father, the legendary Rick James, established a profound musical legacy that continues to resonate to this day. Three pointer isn’t the only one in this melodic genealogy; he imparts the stage to kin Tazman James, Rick James Jr., and Ty James, each contributing their own novel abilities to the family’s imaginative account. 

Tazman and Rick Jr. seem ready to carry on their dad’s melodic inheritance, while Ty adds her unmistakable style to the relational intricacy, advancing their aggregate story. Trey’s personal life, particularly his marital status, remains shrouded in mystery despite the public prominence of the James family’s musical heritage. Trey strikes a delicate balance between protecting his private life and upholding the family legacy with skill and discretion. Trey Hardesty James stands out as a captivating soloist in the James family symphony, where musical notes reverberate through the generations. He also captivates audiences with his enigmatic presence. The James family saga remains a captivating mystery that captivates all who are drawn to its rhythm and allure throughout its progression.


Rick James’ timeless hits and electrifying performances continue to have a lasting impact on the music industry at the age of 43. His impact rises above ages, enrapturing crowds with his novel style and endless energy. James’s legacy as a true icon of funk and soul music is solidified by the fact that his music remains relevant and resonant with each passing year.

Height and weight 

Trey Hardesty James boasts a physique blending strength and elegance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing around 75 kilograms. His charismatic presence is highlighted by intense black eyes and warm brown hair, creating a captivating contrast. His weathered yet experienced skin tells a story, reflecting his rich cultural identity. Beyond measurements, Trey emerges as a living work of art, leaving a lasting impression wherever he goes.

Trey Hardesty James – Education 

Three pointer Hardesty James is a name inseparable from enthusiastic support in the domain of youth training. Trey is deeply committed to ensuring that every child has access to high-quality education, recognizing its transformative potential for individuals and communities, and his dedication goes beyond mere rhetoric. His promotion reaches out a long ways beyond anything that can be put into words, as Three pointer effectively participates in endeavors locally and universally to eliminate boundaries blocking youngsters’ admittance to training. 

This is more than just a mission for Trey; it’s a personal one. He rolls up his sleeves and works tirelessly to provide opportunities where they are lacking, realizing the significance of policymakers, educators, and families working together. Trey’s ultimate goal is to garner support from all sides and foster unity in the fight for a better future for our youngest citizens. Trey’s unwavering dedication to removing obstacles and ensuring that all children receive a high-quality education make early childhood education more than just a career choice for him. Trey Hardesty James is a true advocate for early childhood education whose actions speak louder than words. He is paving the way for a better tomorrow for every child, each of whom is a potential star in the making.

Trey Hardesty James – Personal life 

Born and raised in bustling Orange County, Los Angeles, California, this individual embodies the vibrant spirit of the ’80s. Now aged between 40 and 50, their journey is a tapestry of growth and accomplishment.

Proud of their American heritage and guided by their Christian faith, they hold degrees in Organizational Communication and Business Administration. Their academic journey began at Walker High School in Los Angeles, followed by Southeastern Louisiana University.

With a strategic eye for organizational dynamics and effective communication, they exemplify a dynamic personality shaped by diverse cultural influences. Each achievement marks a step forward in their ongoing journey of personal and professional growth.

Trey Hardesty James – Profession 

Three pointer Hardesty James arises as a champion figure from the ball heartland of Indianapolis, Indiana, his process set apart by wonderful ability on the court. Trey’s exceptional skills as he progressed through the University of Kentucky’s ranks attracted scouts and fans alike. Trey began a career that saw him don the uniforms of numerous teams, including the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans, after the Los Angeles Lakers selected him in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft. 

Trey demonstrated his adaptability and dedication to the sport by adapting his game to suit various squads. Right now exploring the captivating period of free organization, Three pointer remains at the junction of his b-ball profession, ready for the following part. His impressive stats of 4.3 points and 2.0 rebounds per game demonstrate his impact on the court despite changing roles. Trey Hardesty James has carved out a place for himself in the NBA’s competitive arena because he is deeply ingrained in the basketball philosophy. His story, which is marked by perseverance, adaptability, and a never-ending love for the game, continues to develop. Trey’s story promises more excitement and anticipation as he awaits new opportunities in free agency, captivating audiences with each turn in his basketball odyssey.

Trey Hardesty James – Career 

Trey Hardesty James is a compelling figure in the world of basketball. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, a thriving city, where he first developed a passion for the game. Trey’s exceptional court talent at the University of Kentucky drew scouts and fans alike, laying the groundwork for his remarkable journey. Chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft, Three pointer set out on a profession enhanced with different group shirts, including the Phoenix Suns, Denver Chunks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Pelicans. 

Trey demonstrated his adaptability by seamlessly integrating into various squads and contributing to their success throughout his tenure. Trey is on the verge of a new chapter in his basketball odyssey as he navigates the intriguing landscape of free agency and eagerly anticipates what the future holds. His impressive performance on the court, with an average of 4.3 points and 2.0 rebounds per game, demonstrates his undeniable impact. Trey Hardesty James has made a lasting impression on the difficult terrain of the NBA because he is immersed in the rich tapestry of basketball culture. His story, characterized by constancy, flexibility, and a faithful love for the game, keeps on unfurling. Trey’s story promises more excitement and anticipation as a free agent awaiting new opportunities, captivating audiences with each turn in his journey. Prepare for the following act!

Popular songs

Rick James’ collection brags a cluster ageless hits that have resounded with crowds for quite a long time: 

  1. “Super Freak,” James’s most well-known song from 1981, is a funk classic. It has become a standard at dance parties and clubs all over the world thanks to its catchy chorus and infectious beat. 
  2. “Give It to Me Child” (1981): Another dancefloor #1, “Give It to Me Child” includes James’ hot vocals and a sweet bassline that pushes the party along. 
  3. “Fire and Desire,” a classic disco duet with Teena Marie from 1978, is known for its captivating vocals and romantic melody, making it a timeless love song. 
  4. “Mary Jane” (1978): An ode to marijuana, “Mary Jane” has snappy lyrics and a catchy rhythm that will appeal to fans of funk and soul. 
  5. “Ebony Eyes,” a 1982 Motown collaboration with Smokey Robinson, celebrates love and beauty with powerful vocals and beautiful orchestration. 
  6. “Cold Blooded” (1981): With its forceful vocals and fast tempo, “Cold Blooded” stands out on James’ album “Street Songs” and explores themes of love and betrayal. 
  7. “You and I,” a romantic ballad and disco classic from 1978, captivates listeners with its captivating melody and sincere vocals. 
  8. “You Turn Me On” (1978): A cool song of praise commending erotic nature, “You Turn Me On” delights funk and soul devotees with its infectious beat and smart verses. 

Rick James continues to captivate fans all over the world with his timeless music and impressive hit catalog, showcasing his skills as a songwriter and producer.

Trey Hardesty James – Net worth

Through THJ, LLC, a dynamic holding company that he co-founded, Trey Hardesty James is not only a well-known entrepreneur but also a visionary who has changed the business landscape. Eminent for his sharp understanding and capacity to recognize worthwhile open doors, Three pointer’s initiative has moved THJ, LLC into assorted areas, including innovation and money, encouraging development and advancement. Trey is committed to THJ, LLC’s sustainable growth beyond the pursuit of profit. His impressive $10 million net worth reflects the firm’s success due to his strategic acumen and forward-thinking approach. As CEO, Trey, however, fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, propelling the business to greater heights, and his focus extends beyond financial gains. The classic American success story of Trey Hardesty James exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurial spirit and wise decision-making. He not only creates his own legacy through THJ, LLC, but he also makes a lasting impression on the business world and contributes to the ongoing story of success and innovation in American entrepreneurship.


  • Trey Hardesty James is the son of the legendary musician Rick James.
  • He opted for a career in business over pursuing music.
  • Trey is the CEO of Trinity Fencing.
  • Raised in Hollywood, he has had a diverse professional background.
  • Trey is passionate about education and advocates for access to high-quality education for all children.
  • He has a strong presence in philanthropic endeavors, especially in the realm of youth education.
  • Trey’s personal life, including his marital status, remains private.
  • He has a strong commitment to his Christian faith and American heritage.
  • Trey has degrees in Organizational Communication and Business Administration.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, primarily through his role in THJ, LLC.


What is Trey Hardesty James’ relationship to Rick James?

Trey Hardesty James is the son of the legendary musician Rick James.

What is Trey’s profession?

Trey is the CEO of Trinity Fencing and has a background in business.

What is Trey’s involvement in philanthropy?

Trey is deeply committed to education and advocates for access to high-quality education, especially for children.

What is Trey Hardesty James’ net worth?

Trey’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, primarily through his role in THJ, LLC.

Where was Trey raised?

Trey was raised in Hollywood, California.

What are Trey’s educational qualifications?

Trey holds degrees in Organizational Communication and Business Administration.

Is Trey Hardesty James involved in music like his father?

No, Trey chose a career in business over pursuing music like his father.

What is the mission of THJ, LLC?

THJ, LLC, led by Trey, focuses on sustainable growth and innovation in various sectors, including technology and finance.


Three pointer Hardesty James, child of the notable performer Rick James, has cut out a fruitful vocation in business as the President of Trinity Fencing. In spite of the acclaim of his family’s melodic heritage, Three pointer has decided to zero in on business venture and support, especially in the domain of schooling. His obligation to giving open doors to youngsters and his essential astuteness in business have added to his great total assets of $10 million. Trey exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurial spirit and wise decision-making by continuing to innovate and have a lasting impact on the business world through THJ, LLC.

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