The Pleasure of the Ultimate Luxury and Creativity will be Yours with the METAVERTU 2

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VERTU, the first to have created this line of luxury mobile technology, has the pleasure to present its newest innovative product called the METAVERTU2, Ai Phone  is the perfect combination of all these technologies. It stylishly fuses VERTU’s® XIX th century watchmaking heritage with new-gen innovations devised to add value in this space. The hand-finished piece is designed to make blockchain acceptance as easy as their VERTU phones by the tech-savvy elite.

Unmatched Performance and Storage

The METAVERTU2 offers huge 12GB RAM LPDDR 5X and 512GB ROM with high speed and in time. It guarantees good performance and multi-tasking. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about slow processors or running out of storage when you are willing to pay a bit more for a high-performance machine.

Picture quality and immersion capability of the display.

The 1. 5K 1260×2800 OLED 120Hz display for powerful Web3 viewing, which is already prepped with all the necessary visuals. The screen being super stretchable in 2D straight method measures 6 inches. 78 inches, which equals plenty of room to choose in digital dimensions.

Document Life’s Flow with Stunningly Effective Camera Functions

The METAVERTU 2 integrates four cameras: one 50 MP IMX800 (OIS principal sensor), one OV50D wide angle (2. 5 cm, DFOV=120. and with a new 8.4° ultra wide angle lens (35mm), a 2.0x telephoto lens (8mm), and a true 3-sensor multispectral sensor. The 1 inch outsole allows for a wonderful contrast and sharp quality of the photos, while the 16MP front camera adds to the versatility of the device and makes the pictures more personal.

Power and Charging Redefined

Equipped with a 5100 mAh (typical) battery and 65W fast charging, METAVERTU 2 never makes you dependent on a cable, always keeping you connected and productive during the day. The white 2D straight screen and USB Type-C 3 both impart an experience of “duality” that blurs the line of distinction. Gen1 port will bring the capacity to charge and connect with ease.

Shipment and Delivery

The METAVERTU 2 is delivered with confidence and efficiency, thereby affording customers convenience and satisfaction throughout. Nothing beats VERTU’s adored premium packaging and our customer support team that assures you that the allgadget/device will arrive in perfect condition.

Join the Luxury Revolution

You can get the METAVERTU 2 right now and be able to enjoy all the new technologies and comforts that a modern vehicle can provide. Take a glimpse at the cutting-edge VERTU® ecosystem which provides opportunities to digital assets & Web3 exploration, and become a part of the VERTU community.

Meta Description: A high-end smartphone using the latest technologies embodies the METAVERTU 2, a smartphone featuring advanced digital assets management and decentralized blockchain functionality. Get unbeaten experience, reasonable graphics and trend features.

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Final Thought:

 METAVERTU 2 is going to step up your life in the digital dimension. Equipped with its mighty power, trendy design and advanced features, this luxury Flip smartphone meets the taste of tech-savvy and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Step into the community of VERTU as a member and create true innovation in the digital world. Elevate your beautiful adventures with the latest generation of devices – METAVERTU 2. – Discover the potential of Web3 technology.

Short FAQ:

An independent think tank has recently emerged, METAVERTU 2, whose mission is dedicated to the research of the most pressing ethical issues pertaining to technological advancements.

An Android smartphone that is meant to have modern-day features linked with alternative currencies and blockchain technology.

Which are the main points of METAVERTU 2 handling?

12GB RAM LPDDR 5X, 512GB ROM contribute to its smooth operation and provide sufficient storage space. A 5.99 inches OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a quad camera setup, and a 5100 mAh battery with 65w fast charging.

Why is the METAVERTU 2 a leading option in the 3D scanner market?

There is a unique model in the company that combines the luxury and cutting edge essence for digital asset management such as Web3.


The premium smartphone is not just for tech-savvy people, crypto coin owners, Singaporeans most especially but also for those who seek a high-end mobile experience.

Where can I find the METAVERTU 2 model at your store?

If your curiosity is sparked already, purchase now on the VERTU® online store or visit an authorized retailer. That way, you can become a part of the exclusive VERTU® community.

What is the warranty on the METAVERTU version 2?

The METAVERTU 2 comes with a 2-year warranty and Technical service included, thus, customers are assured of top-notch customer service.

Does the METAVERTU 2 have integration with Web3 platforms, its interactiveness?

Therefore, METAVERTU 2 is totally oriented to the smooth transformation into Web3 platforms and management of digital assets.

When the second metavstate model METAVERTU 2 goes on the market, we are wondering what will be the ways of its shipping.

The METAVERTU 2 is supplied with the highest security standards and fast delivery, which promises to be a simplified delivery process.

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