The Booming Beauty Business: How to Sell Beauty Products On Amazon in 2024

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Beauty products are always in demand. Consumers purchase beauty and personal care items regardless of season or economic conditions.

According to a Consumer Trends Report, 21% of consumers plan to buy more beauty-related products in 2024 than the previous year, and another 21% maintain their usual purchasing habits. This consistent demand is why the beauty category is trendy among Amazon sellers.

 But how do you start selling beauty and personal care products on Amazon?

Quick Guide:

● Why sell beauty products on Amazon?

● Is selling beauty products on Amazon profitable?

● How to get approval to sell beauty products on Amazon

● Amazon’s requirements for selling beauty products

● Ways to Sell Beauty Products on Amazon

● Key Takeaways

Why Sell Beauty Products on Amazon?

The beauty and personal care category is one of the most popular categories among Amazon sellers, with 23% of sellers listing products in this category. Consumers continue to purchase items in this category, ranging from essential products like hair care and dental hygiene to more indulgent items.

Is Selling Beauty Products on Amazon Profitable?

Absolutely! Selling beauty products on Amazon is profitable, as evidenced by the number of sellers in this space. According to a Seller Report, 21% of beauty sellers achieve net profit margins between 26-50% and another 15% report profit margins of 21-25%. The demand for beauty products ensures healthy profit margins for sellers.

What Products Fall Under the Beauty Category?

The beauty and personal care category on Amazon includes several subcategories:

● Makeup

● Skin Care

● Hair Care

● Fragrance

● Foot, Hand & Nail Care

● Tools & Accessories

● Shave & Hair Removal

● Personal Care

● Salon & Spa Equipment

For instance, within the “hair care” category, you can find subcategories offering specific product opportunities.

How Do You Get Approval to Sell Beauty Products on Amazon?

New sellers often ask, “How do I get approval to sell in the beauty category?” Previously, the beauty category was restricted and required approval from Amazon. However, the good thing is that this is no longer the case. While the beauty and personal care category is open to new sellers, some products still require specific approval.

Amazon’s Overview of Categories help page clarifies that certain products might, even if a category does not require approval. If you plan to resell products through retail arbitrage or wholesale, ensure you can list those products or brands before purchasing inventory. If you encounter a restricted brand, purchase at least ten units from an authorized distributor and submit the invoice to Amazon for approval. If satisfied with the documentation, Amazon will grant you the ability to sell that brand

Amazon’s Requirements to Sell Beauty Products

Before listing beauty products for sale on Amazon, especially if you have a new private label brand, you must adhere to Amazon’s compliance checklist for selling cosmetic products. Amazon defines cosmetics as products applied to the body for cleansing, beautifying, or altering appearance, such as skin creams, perfumes, lipsticks, shampoos, and deodorants.

To ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies, you must follow the checklist, which includes:

● Packaging requirements

● Labeling and Product Detail Page requirements

● Products and Ingredient requirements

Prohibited Beauty Products

Amazon also has a list of prohibited cosmetic products. These products are prohibited because they do not meet Amazon’s checklist requirements. Some prohibited items include:

● Corrective and cosmetic contact lenses

● Latisse

● Products containing minoxidil over 5%

● Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution

● Synthol, Synthrol, or Swethol posing oil

● Trichloroacetic Acid

Always review Amazon’s guidelines before listing products.

Ways to Sell Beauty Products on Amazon

There are two main approaches to selling beauty products on Amazon:

Private Label: Launch your brand with unique cosmetic products. (Due to the competitive landscape, this approach is recommended for experienced sellers.)

Reselling Established Brands: Resell popular beauty brands through retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, or wholesale channels. (This is a good entry point for new sellers because it avoids the challenges of launching a new brand.)

Tips for New Sellers

For beginners, reselling established brands is a smart way to enter the beauty market on Amazon. Here are some steps to get you started:

Use the Amazon Seller App: The app allows you to scan products in your local beauty stores to check for selling restrictions.

Start Small: Purchase a small inventory to test the waters and assess how well the product sells.

Fulfillment Options: Decide whether you’ll use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for a hands-off approach or fulfill orders yourself (FBM).

Additionally, consider the marketing cost of promoting your products through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Effective PPC strategies can significantly impact your sales and profit margins.

Following these guidelines, you can start selling beauty products on Amazon in 2024. Like the Beauty Category, there are numerous opportunities to make money on Amazon, and when you partner with an e-commerce agency like eMarspro Amazon account management services, you can boost your results in less time.

Key Takeaways

The beauty market offers a stable and profitable opportunity for online sellers. By understanding the category’s landscape, complying with Amazon’s regulations, and choosing a suitable fulfillment method, you can successfully establish yourself in this growing industry.

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