Linda Blair Net Worth: Bio Wiki, Height, Education, Family, Career And More…

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linda blair net worth
linda blair net worth

Linda Blair is well-known for her advocacy of animal rights and charitable causes in addition to her career as a brilliant actor.She shot to popularity with her well-known performance as Reagan, the possessed youngster in the cult classic “The Exorcist”. Linda left the bustling city of St. Louis, Mo., on January 22, 1959.Her energy and persistence embodies everything that makes Aquarius such a beautiful sign. She is an American citizen. Linda Blair’s unshakable dedication to her career and personal issues may be credited with her ongoing success.

Linda Blair Net Worth

Linda Blair is projected to have a total assets of $16 million by 2024. Her progress in the diversion area is fundamentally because of her astounding profession in film and TV, despite the fact that she plainly has areas of strength for basic entitlements and philanthropic worries.

In the diversion business, Linda turned out to be notable for her job as Regan, the had kid from the 1973 blood and gore movie “The Exorcist.” She got basic and public praise for her breakout execution, and she got assignments for two Institute Grants and two Brilliant Globes. She even got Individuals’ Decision Grant for Best Supporting Entertainer in acknowledgment of her remarkable presentation. Beyond the film business, Linda has been a frank supporter for creature government assistance, embracing bunches like PETA, Assortment, and Feed the Youngsters with her voice.

Though Linda was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on January 22, 1959, she was raised in Westport, Connecticut. At the age of six, she began her career in show business as a child model for the theater sector. She acted in several low-budget films during the 1980s, but “The Exorcist” was the one that truly catapulted her to fame.

Despite facing personal difficulties in the late 1970s, including drug charges and custody battles, Linda made unquestionable contributions to the field. Her long-lasting influence on both the entertainment business and the humanitarian cause is attested to by her reputation as a ferocious actress and ardent supporter.

Who is Linda Blair?

Linda Blair made her Hollywood presentation in the 1973 blood and gore movie “The Exorcist,” when she assumed the notorious part of Regan MacNeil. She got prompt reputation in the frightfulness classification notwithstanding a Foundation Grant and a Brilliant Globe for her convincing exhibition.She was nominated for a Saturn Award and received consideration due to her outstanding performance in the sequel, “Exorcist II: The Heretic.”

Notwithstanding, Linda’s effect expands well past the enormous screen.She devotes her opportunity to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Establishment and is energetic about creature government assistance. This gathering endeavors to work on the possibilities of endurance for creatures deprived by protecting and restoring them. With an end goal to advance veganism and increment public information on the upsides of a plant-based diet, Linda co-composed the 2001 book “Going Vegetarian!”

Linda Blair is an inspiration to individuals in the entertainment business as well as to others who share her talent and enthusiasm for improving the lives of people and animals.


On January 22, 1959, Linda Blair was born in the bustling metropolis of St. Louis, Missouri. She was raised in Westport by her parents, Elinore and James, as well as her sister Debbie and elder brother Jim, in a loving and supportive environment. Linda was raised in a stable and supportive setting by Elinore, a real estate agent, and James, a chief scout and former Navy aviation analyst.

Linda showed early signs of a predisposition towards the entertainment industry. She began dabbling with acting and performance at the young age of five. Although the details of Linda’s academic schooling are still unknown, her early career move into the entertainment sector set the stage for her future success.

Childhood Life 

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on January 22, 1959, Linda Denise Blair was a vibrant city. At six years old, she had her TV program debut in the theater. In any case, what genuinely sent off her profession was her presentation as the notable Regan MacNeil in the 1973 film “The Exorcist”. Because of the film’s gigantic film industry and basic recognition, Linda turned out to be notable in Hollywood and was designated for a Brilliant Globe for Best Supporting Entertainer.


NameLinda Denise Blair
NicknameLinda Blair
Date of BirthJanuary 22, 1959
Current Age65 years old
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri, US
Hometown / Current ResidenceSt. Louis, Missouri
ProfessionFilm Actress, Model, Producer, Television Personality, Activist
Famous ForPortrayal of Regan MacNeil in “The Exorcist” (1973)
Debut1968 (Acting Industry), TV ads at age 9, “The Exorcist” (1973)
ReligionDevout Catholic
Zodiac SignAquarius
EducationWestport School, New York Professional Children’s School
Dead or AliveAlive
Net Worth$16 million

What is Linda Blair’s age? 

As Linda Blair moves toward her 65th birthday celebration in 2024, her astonishing excursion since her introduction to the world on January 22, 1959, is featured. Her life story is full with motivational stories of dauntlessness, trickiness, and persistence, and it peruses like a grasping thriller.Every section shows how she has developed as an entertainer and an energetic extremist.

Viewers all around the world are still enthralled and motivated by Linda Blair’s life story because of her remarkable on-screen persona and unwavering dedication to social concerns. Anyone who reads it will find that it is a story of resiliency and drive that speaks to their core.

Physical Health 

Linda has a modest casing that is stressed by her thin figure, and she is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her perfect blue eyes, which emphasize her normal excellence, mix pleasantly with her earthy colored hair. She keeps a delightful outline with a body estimation of 37″- 26″- 38″ (bosom midsection hips). With a bra size of 38C, Linda displays her inborn curves.She embraces her regular excellence with certainty and has no tattoos. Linda frequently polishes off her rich appearance with a dress in a size 6 (US) or 38 (EU) and shoes in a size 6.5 (US) or 37 (EU).

Linda Blair Education 

Linda Blair attended the New York Professional Children’s School to continue her studies following her stint at Westport School.

Gaining Notoriety and Achievements in Other Pursuits:

Following the huge box office triumph of “The Exorcist,” Linda Blair’s career expanded, and she started experimenting with a variety of film genres, such as drama and horror. Her acting prowess was on show in movies like Born Innocent and Airport 1975. She experimented with television as well, making guest appearances on popular shows like “The Love Boat” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

Linda repeated her job as Regan MacNeil in 1977’s “Exorcist II: The Blasphemer,” to a blended gathering from pundits and crowds. In any case, when she began dealing with free and low-spending plan films during the 1980s, her vocation took something else entirely and she had the option to play a great many characters. She made her stage debut in a development of “Oil” in 1982.

Notwithstanding her acting vocation, Linda Blair significantly affects the amusement area. Distribution of her book “Going Vegetarian!” What’s more, wellness DVD “Linda Blair’s Complete Body Exercise” exhibits her obligation to basic entitlement promotion and empowering a sound lifestyle. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004 in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the entertainment sector.

Professional Life 

Linda Blair sprang to fame in 1973 when she played Regan MacNeil in the vivid and brutal film “The Exorcist.” She got a lot of favorable reviews, won a Golden Globe for her performance, and was nominated for an Academy Award. She solidified her inheritance with sickening apprehension in film history when she got back to the job in “Exorcist II: The Apostate” in 1977.

But Linda’s impact extends far beyond the silver screen. Alongside her acting career, she appeared on various TV shows, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Yet, her influence goes beyond entertainment.By laying out the Linda Blair WorldHeart Establishment, which is focused on safeguarding and helping creatures out of luck, she has shown her resolute help for basic entitlements. In her book “Going Veggie lover!” She likewise advocates for plant-based diets and creature government assistance issues. 

Linda Blair’s advocacy has had a long-lasting impact in addition to her accomplishments in the film industry. Her obligation to her vocation and her adoration for creature government assistance have earned her acknowledgement and favor from many individuals, making her a strong power for good on the planet.

Private Life 

Over her life, Linda Blair has developed deep relationships with a number of well-known people. She started a trip at the age of 15, entwining herself with well-known people including Australian artist Rick Springfield, Glenn Hughes, the bassist for Deep Purple, Neil Giraldo, and Black Oak, Arkansas’s Jim Dandy Mangrum. She made friends with actor Wings Hauser in the 1990s.

Despite her past romances, Linda Blair remains single as of 2022.Her love for the animal rights cause is so strong that it takes precedence over romantic interests.She has made it her life’s work to rescue and care for underprivileged animals via the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. Her commitment to a plant-based diet is evident in her book “Going Vegetarian!” published in 2001.

Linda Blair is a bright example of sensitivity and tenacity. Her unwavering dedication to activism and personal values transcends the glitz of Hollywood, leaving a legacy of meaningful impact on the world.

Linda Blair Family 

Linda Blair’s parents, James and Elinore Blair, provided her with a loving and supportive childhood. Her father, James, was a former Navy aviation analyst who ultimately rose to the position of chief scout. Elinore, the mother, began her profession as a real estate agent while growing up in Westport. Together with her brother Jim and elder sister Debbie, Linda spent her early years supporting one another through the highs and lows of life.

Love and support were the pillars of daily existence in the Blair home. Linda’s parents set the foundation for her future pursuits by instilling qualities such as compassion, tenacity, and hard work. Linda created strong relationships with her siblings that helped her get through difficult times in life.

Elinore and James placed a high priority on providing Linda and her siblings with a loving atmosphere, despite the pressures of their separate occupations. Their unwavering support bolstered Linda’s confidence and determination, giving her the guts to pursue her dream of working in the entertainment world.

Throughout her ascent to fame in Hollywood, Linda Blair’s family was at her side, offering her nothing but love and support at every step. She was always inspired by their unfailing trust in her skills, which helped her get through the highs and lows of living as a celebrity. The Blair family has weathered every storm together, serving as an example of the enduring strength of love and familial relationships.

Brother And Sisters 

Jim and Debbie Blair were not simply Linda’s elder siblings while growing up in Westport, Connecticut; they were also her co-conspirators. Together, they overcame childhood’s delights and difficulties and developed unbreakable friendships in the process. Their mutual experiences created a strong bond that has given Linda a lifetime of support and a sense of belonging.

Jim and Debbie were Linda’s unfaltering allies while she sought after her profession in amusement, praising her achievements and offering support from the sidelines. Their constant presence serves as a constant reminder that Linda’s family will always be there for her, no matter where life takes her. Linda has found strength in their constant presence.

Outside of Hollywood’s spotlight, Jim and Debbie have been Linda’s rock, providing her with support, affection, and wise counsel when she needed it. Their continuous relationship is evidence of the strength of family, showing that despite their distance from one another, their commitment never wavers.

Married Life Linda Blair 

Linda Blair stayed unmarried in 2022, choosing to focus her time and efforts on her job and advocacy activities over starting a family of her own. Although Linda is a well-known Hollywood celebrity, she has had love relationships with a number of well-known people. She started dating Australian artist Rick Springfield when she was just 15 years old, which paved the way for a fast-paced relationship throughout her adolescence. To add even more celebrity contacts to her collection, Linda was drawn to actor Wings Hauser in the early 1990s. In spite of these love relationships, Linda chose to forge her own path in life and put her own goals and interests ahead of the institution of marriage.


Linda Blair, brought into the world on January 22, 1959, in St. Louis, Missouri, is eminent for her famous job as Regan MacNeil in the frightfulness exemplary “The Exorcist.” Her profession in media outlets started quite early on, and she immediately rose to acclaim with her remarkable exhibition in the film. Aside from her effective acting profession, Linda is profoundly associated with basic entitlements activism and worthy missions. Notwithstanding confronting individual difficulties, including lawful issues and guardianship fights, Linda’s devotion to her profession and promotion work has stayed faithful. Starting around 2022, she stays single, focusing on her activism and vocation over close connections.


  • Linda Blair’s breakout role came in 1973 when she portrayed Regan MacNeil in “The Exorcist,” earning critical acclaim and awards recognition.
  • Apart from acting, Linda is known for her philanthropic efforts, particularly in animal rights advocacy, through organizations like PETA and the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.
  • She authored the book “Going Vegetarian!” in 2001, advocating for plant-based diets and animal welfare.
  • Linda’s family played a significant role in supporting her throughout her career, providing love and encouragement.
  • Despite her fame, Linda values privacy and has chosen to remain unmarried as of 2022, focusing on her career and activism.


1.What is Linda Blair’s net worth?

Linda Blair’s estimated net worth is $16 million as of 2024, primarily derived from her successful career in film and television.

2.What awards has Linda Blair won?

Linda Blair won a Golden Globe and received nominations for an Academy Award and a Saturn 

Award for her role in “The Exorcist.”

3.Is Linda Blair still active in the entertainment industry?

While she may not be as active in acting as she once was, Linda Blair continues to make occasional appearances in film and television. However, her focus has shifted more towards her advocacy work.

4.What is the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation?

The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation is an organization founded by Linda Blair, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need. It focuses on animal welfare and promoting compassion towards animals.

5.Has Linda Blair written any books?

Yes, Linda Blair authored the book “Going Vegetarian!” in 2001, which advocates for plant-based diets and animal rights.

6.What personal challenges has Linda Blair faced?

Linda Blair has faced personal challenges, including legal issues and custody battles in the late 1970s. Despite these challenges, she has remained resilient and committed to her career and advocacy work.

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