Laser Hair Removal for Coarse Hair: Effectiveness and Tips

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Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Nothing is more relaxing than getting rid of unwanted hair, and laser hair removal vaughan is the best way to remove coarse and dark hair from your face, under the arms, under the legs, and other body areas. The laser hair removal process uses a laser device that casts light beams to disrupt the hair growth of follicles. After several laser hair removal sessions, you get permanent hair removal with clear, smooth, and hair-free skin. 

It is great to say a little bit of preparation is required before each laser hair removal treatment. Therefore, we have assembled all the top tips to get the most out of the treatment.

Let’s Have A Look On Our Top Tips 

Don’t Miss The Session 

When you consult with the dermatologist and undergo the checkup, the dermatologist schedules your laser hair removal sessions according to your hair growth level. Every person has specific hair growth cycles, and the schedules are decided according to these cycles. 

Hair grows in specific follicles in each growth cycle, and a laser can only impact the follicles in which hair grows during a particular phase of the cycle. This way, if you leave any session, it means you are going to leave the entire growth cycle. 

Avoid Tweezing or Waxing 

Waxing body hair removes the follicles completely from your body. On the other hand, laser hair removal treatment requires all the follicles to be present during the hair removal session. For this reason, it is the obvious approach to leave or avoid waxing or tweezing for several weeks until the laser session day. This way, all the follicles will be available, and the session will go smoothly and efficiently.  

Shave One Day Before The Laser Hair Removal Session 

You can make the hair removal session more smooth after shaving the hair one day before your appointment. When you shave the body hair, the laser device targets the follicles better because you have the minimum hairs on the body surface.  

Shaving the body hair also makes the laser process pain-free because there will be less hair for burning. Of course, laser hair removal is all about the hair-burning process. Still, you can rub the aloe vera if your skin gets rashes.

Avoid The Sun Exposure 

Limit sun exposure to protect your skin against the sun’s rays. People always remain confused about when to avoid the sun’s rays. So, here are the complete suggestions for getting better results. The experts suggest avoiding sun exposure before and after laser hair removal. 

It is also important not to go outside in direct sunlight between the laser sessions. Why should you limit your sun exposure? Direct sun exposure can burn your skin and make it more sensitive. This way, the laser treatment turns the burning signs into more painful blisters. 

Don’t Apply The Skin-Care Products 

Don’t apply products to your treatment area; avoid using creams, makeup, oil, lotion, and other moisturizers. If you complete the laser session, applying anything to the skin is unnecessary. You can wash the body or the treatment area with cool or lukewarm water if you feel irritation.

Wear Cotton Clothes 

Try to wear loose cotton clothes on the laser session day. Don’t prefer to have tight jeans that affect the hair removal session. When you wear tight clothes, your body takes a lot of time to cool down. The laser leaves the residual heat in your body for some time and reacts. So, wearing comfortable clothes can save you from such heat reactions. 

Hydrate The Skin

The laser process makes the skin dry, which is irritating. In this case, you need to hydrate the skin with the recommended moisturizers. Don’t use products that use retinol, which irritates the treatment area. A point to be noted here is that you should not apply anything on the session day. 

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

Long-Lasting Results 

Traditional hair removal methods provide short-term results. For instance, when you wax or shave your body hair, you get your hair back within two weeks. On the other hand, laser hair treatment renders long-lasting results. 

Effectiveness and Precision 

The laser process targets the individual follicles to burn the hair precisely. Meanwhile, advanced laser technology covers large body parts to ensure smooth hair reduction in the shortest period. 

Ingrown Hair Reduction 

When you remove hair using waxing or shaving, you feel bumps on the skin. On the other hand, laser hair removal treatment reduces ingrown hair by targeting the follicles in the specific hair growth cycle without leaving bumps or blisters. 

Time Saving Process

The laser treatment is faster than traditional hair removal methods. Moreover, the laser also lasts long, preventing daily painful hair removal processes.

Enhanced Skin Texture 

If you follow the proper tips and care for your skin after the laser hair removal treatment, your skin will be soft, smooth, healthy, and beautiful.

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