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johnnie rose etheridge
johnnie rose etheridge


Johnnie Rose Etheridge, a cherished little girl of the prestigious American stone performer Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels, holds a unique spot in the hearts of many. Naturally introduced to a family profoundly submerged in the music and media outlet, Johnnie Rose typifies flexibility, love, and the force of familial bonds.

 Johnnie Rose Etheridge is the daughter of rock music legend Melissa Etheridge, who is best known for her raspy voice and groundbreaking hits. She also has a passion for music. Johnnie Rose’s path is undoubtedly influenced by Melissa’s triumphant and challenging journey, which reflects a spirit of authenticity and determination.

 Johnnie Rose isn’t the only one in her excursion. She imparts her life to her kin: Bailey Jean Code, Beckett Code, and her friendly twin, Mill operator Steven Etheridge. Together, they explore the intricacies of family, love, and misfortune with unfaltering help and fortitude.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Early Life

Brought into the world on October 17, 2006, in the US, Johnnie Rose entered the world as an encouraging sign and bliss for her folks. Considered through managed impregnation, she carried light into the existences of Melissa and Tammy, two unprecedented ladies joined in adoration and responsibility.

Johnnie Rose shares a special bond with her twin brother, Miller Steven Etheridge. Their laughter echoes through the halls of their home, a testament to the enduring strength of siblinghood. However, the family also knows sorrow, having experienced the devastating loss of Beckett Cypher in 2020 to opioid addiction. Through it all, Johnnie Rose remains a symbol of resilience and love, a guiding light for her family.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Wiki

Full NameJohnnie Rose Etheridge
Famous asMelissa Etheridge’s Daughter
Date of BirthOctober 17, 2006
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac SignLibra
OccupationCelebrity Child
Current ResidencyUnited States
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsMelissa Etheridge, Tammy Lynn Michaels
SiblingsBailey Jean Cypher, Beckett Cypher, Miller Steven Etheridge
GrandparentsJohn Etheridge, Elizabeth Williamson
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$1 Million

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Educational Journey

While points of interest about Johnnie Rose’s instructive excursion stay private, it’s clear that she moves toward learning with interest, excitement, and a hunger for information. Close by her twin sibling, she investigates the world with amazement and energy, embracing every day as a potential chance to develop and flourish.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Age, Zodiac Sign, & Nationality

At 16 years of age, Johnnie Rose embraces existence with the beauty and balance of somebody shrewd past her years. The day she was conceived, October 17, 2006, denoted the start of an excursion that was brimming with commitment, energy, and vast potential outcomes.

Johnnie Rose embodies balance, harmony, and diplomacy because she is a Libra. She is rooted in a rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and diversity, which is reflected in her American nationality.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Net Worth & Financial Details

Johnnie Rose’s total assets is assessed to be around $1 Million, her actual abundance lies in the adoration, backing, and direction of her loved ones. Melissa Etheridge’s effective music vocation and activism work have procured her a total assets of around $25 million, a demonstration of her ability, enthusiasm, and steady commitment. Tammy Lynn Michaels, with her achievements and commitments, epitomizes the quintessence of flexibility, strength, and assurance.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Parents

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge’s process is one of flexibility, energy, and immovable assurance. From her presentation collection in 1988 to her diagram beating hits and Grammy selections, Melissa’s music rises above limits, rousing ages with its crude inclination and proud trustworthiness. Past the stage, Melissa is a committed mother, utilizing her foundation to advocate for purposes near her heart, including LGBTQ+ privileges and natural protection.

Tammy Lynn Michaels

Tammy Lynn Michaels sparkles brilliantly in the realm of acting, enamoring crowds with her ability, charm, and irresistible enthusiasm. From her champion jobs on TV to her enduring help for her family, Tammy epitomizes the embodiment of solidarity, versatility, and love. Her relationship with Melissa mirrors a profound bond established in shared regard, understanding, and enduring responsibility.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Parent Relationship Timeline

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels’ romantic tale is one of fortitude, enthusiasm, and legitimacy. Their process started in 2001, a demonstration of the force of adoration to conquer hindrances and challenge shows. In 2003, they traded promises in a responsibility service, fixing their bond in adoration and dedication. In spite of the difficulties they confronted, their adoration perseveres, an encouraging sign and motivation for all who put stock in the extraordinary force of affection.

In 2010, Melissa and Tammy settled on the hard decision to head out in different directions, exploring the intricacies of detachment with elegance, nobility, and regard. Their obligation to their kids stayed relentless, a demonstration of their persevering through affection and dedication. However their ways separated, their adoration for one another and their family persevered, an indication of the significant effect of adoration to rise above limits and blow some minds.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Siblings

Beckett Cypher

A lasting impression on the hearts of everyone he encountered was made by Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher’s firstborn son, Beckett Cypher. A landmark to his vast essentialness and richness, Beckett’s giggling reverberated through his home following his introduction to the world on November 18, 1998. At the point when he disappeared in 2020, he left a void in his family’s hearts and filled in as a sign of the transient idea of life and the need of loving every second.

Bailey Jean Cypher

Bailey Jean Cypher, who was born on February 10, 1997, is the epitome of perseverance, bravery, and strength. Considered through managed impregnation with sperm from eminent performer David Crosby, Bailey’s process mirrors the excellence of variety, incorporation, and love. Her melodic gifts reflect those of her mom, Melissa, a demonstration of the force of music to rise above hindrances and join hearts.

Miller Steven Etheridge

Mill operator Steven Etheridge, Johnnie Rose’s congenial twin, shares an exceptional bond with his sister that rises above words. Miller’s laughter, which was born on October 17, 2006, brings joy and wonder to the world and serves as a reminder of the beauty of siblings and the power of love to unite hearts. His excursion, entwined with Johnnie Rose’s, mirrors the magnificence of family, love, and association.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Social Media Presence

With love, compassion, and unwavering devotion, the Etheridge family guards their children’s privacy from the spotlight. While periodic looks into their lives might surface via web-based entertainment, the family stays resolute in their obligation to safeguarding their kids’ protection, guaranteeing they develop and flourish away from according to the world.


Early Life: Johnnie Rose Etheridge was born on October 17, 2006, in the United States, to rock music legend Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels, who are both deeply immersed in the music and entertainment industry.

Family Dynamics: Johnnie Rose shares a close bond with her twin brother, Miller Steven Etheridge, and her siblings Bailey Jean Cypher and the late Beckett Cypher. Their family has experienced both joy and sorrow, with the tragic loss of Beckett Cypher in 2020 to opioid addiction.

Personal Information: Johnnie Rose, currently 16 years old, is known for her grace and balance, traits often associated with her zodiac sign Libra. She is of Caucasian ethnicity, has brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

Education: While details about her educational journey remain private, it’s evident that Johnnie Rose approaches learning with curiosity and enthusiasm, exploring the world alongside her twin brother.

Net Worth: Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. However, her true wealth lies in the love, support, and guidance of her family and friends.

Parental Background: Melissa Etheridge is renowned for her music career and activism work, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and environmental protection. Tammy Lynn Michaels is known for her acting career and unwavering support for her family.

Parental Relationship Timeline: Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels’ relationship began in 2001, culminating in a commitment ceremony in 2003. Despite separating in 2010, they remain dedicated to co-parenting their children.

Siblings: Johnnie Rose’s siblings, Bailey Jean Cypher and Miller Steven Etheridge, each have their own unique journeys and contributions to the family dynamic.

Privacy: The Etheridge family prioritizes privacy, ensuring their children grow and thrive away from the public eye, despite occasional glimpses into their lives via social media.


Johnnie Rose Etheridge, the daughter of Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels, embodies resilience, love, and the enduring strength of familial bonds. Born into a family deeply rooted in the music industry, Johnnie Rose shares a special connection with her siblings, navigating life’s ups and downs with grace and perseverance. Despite the spotlight on her parents, the family remains committed to safeguarding their children’s privacy while advocating for causes close to their hearts.


What is Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s date of birth?

Johnnie Rose Etheridge was born on October 17, 2006, in the United States.

Who are Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s parents?

Johnnie Rose’s parents are Melissa Etheridge, a rock music legend, and Tammy Lynn Michaels, an actress.

How many siblings does Johnnie Rose Etheridge have?

Johnnie Rose has three siblings: Bailey Jean Cypher, Beckett Cypher (deceased), and Miller Steven Etheridge.

What is Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s net worth?

Johnnie Rose’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, but her true wealth lies in the love and support of her family.

What is Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s zodiac sign?

Johnnie Rose is a Libra, reflecting her traits of balance, harmony, and diplomacy.

What is Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s educational background?

While details about her education are private, Johnnie Rose approaches learning with curiosity and enthusiasm, alongside her twin brother, Miller Steven Etheridge.

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