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john lee bottom
john lee bottom

Before his youngsters accomplished fame, John and his significant other were individuals from ‘The Offspring of God,’ a Christian preacher bunch. Despite the fact that his time at the center of attention was brief, his effect is permanently connected to the progress of his children. 

Unfortunately, Stream, celebrated for his part in ‘Stand By Me,’ died very early in life of 23, while Joaquin has ascended to recognition as an Oscar-winning entertainer with remarkable exhibitions in ‘Joker’ and ‘Strike a balance.’ John’s relationship with ‘The Offspring of God’ without a doubt formed his life and way to deal with nurturing, leaving an enduring engraving in spite of his general lack of clarity in Hollywood circles.

Who is John Lee Bottom?

John Lee Bottom, an American by nationality, became a notable figure in Hollywood primarily as the father of acclaimed actors River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. His association with ‘The Children of God,’ a Christian missionary organization, alongside his wife, predates the fame of his children. 

While John himself remained largely out of the limelight, his impact on his sons’ lives and careers is undeniable. The influence of his experiences within ‘The Children of God’ adds depth to his personal narrative, potentially shaping his perspectives and parenting style in ways that resonate through the achievements of his famous offspring.

John Lee Bottom – Biography

John Lee Base was a man with a novel and intriguing biography. He was a spouse, a dad, and an individual from a strict clique. He met his better half, Arlyn Phoenix, in California, and the couple chose to wed on September 13, 1969. They before long proceeded to become ministers and made a trip to different regions of the planet to spread their message. 

Notwithstanding, they later found that the gathering they were engaged with advanced sex among grown-ups and minors, as well as gathering sex. Their child, Waterway, was likewise physically mishandled very early on. They at last passed on the clique and moved back to the US with their kids, getting comfortable Winterpark, Florida, where they changed their family name to Phoenix.

John Lee Bottom – Wiki

Full NameJohn Lee Bottom
First NameJohn
Middle NameLee
Last NameBottom
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRobert Merrill Bottom
Mother NameBeulah Ingram
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth1947
Height5 ft 6 in
Weight50 Kg
Net worth$50 million

John Lee Bottom – Early life

The Phoenix family stands as a prominent fixture within the entertainment realm, comprising five siblings: Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, Summer, and the late River Phoenix. Their upbringing was uniquely influenced by their parents’ association with the religious organization Children of God, which led them on extensive global travels. 

However, when John Lee Bottom was merely three years old, his parents made the crucial choice to depart from the group, prompting a pivotal shift that included adopting the surname Phoenix. This symbolic renaming marked a profound turning point in their journey, symbolizing renewal and a deliberate distancing from their prior ties.

Family’s Transformation

John Lee Bottom’s life journey was characterized by notable shifts and personal decisions that shaped his path. Opting for the surname “Phoenix” symbolized a profound rebirth as he distanced himself from ‘The Children of God’ in 1977. Delving into veganism, he ventured into landscape gardening in 1978, despite grappling with health obstacles. 

Although he took his initial steps onto the stage at a tender age of 8, he maintained a modest existence away from the glare of the spotlight. Meanwhile, his sons, River and Joaquin, began attracting public attention in the early 1980s, aided by his wife’s employment at NBC and the guidance of agent Iris Burton.

John Lee Bottom – Height and Weight

John Lee Bottom’s stature, at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing around 50 kg (110 lbs), painted a picture of modest physical dimensions. However, his essence transcended mere measurements. John Lee Bottom traversed life with a resilience and determination that belied his outward appearance. 

Defying difficulties with a calm strength and relentless devotion to his standards, he left an enduring engraving as a dad, spouse, and individual of unwavering uprightness. While his actual presence might have been unpretentious, his impact on those in his circle and his heritage persevere as demonstrations of his personality and strength of soul.

John Lee Bottom – Wife and Childrens

John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix cultivated a family dynamic enriched by their five children, each contributing uniquely to the intricate fabric of their lives. The eldest, Rain Phoenix, graced their lives in 1972, followed by the iconic River Phoenix in 1970, whose influence left an enduring mark on the entertainment landscape. 

The family circle extended with the augmentations of Jude Phoenix in 1975, Freedom Phoenix in 1976, lastly, Summer Phoenix in 1978, finishing the dynamic and different Phoenix family. Together, these kin traveled through life’s preliminaries and wins, winding around a bond that rose above the features of superstar and luxuriousness.

John Lee Bottom – Divorce

John Lee Bottom and his wife, Arlyn, shared a lengthy and seemingly steady marriage spanning several decades. Yet, in 1997, after 27 years of companionship, they faced the challenging choice to go their separate ways and formalize their divorce. 

In spite of the fact that tales flourish, the exact thought processes supporting their choice stay undisclosed, safeguarding a cover of security over their own undertakings. Post-separate, John Lee Base selected a more segregated way of life, pulling out from public investigation to embrace a calmer presence past the glare of the spotlight.

John Lee Bottom – Career

John Lee Bottom, father to actor Joaquin Phoenix, initiated his son into the realms of performance from an early age, with Joaquin embarking on his acting odyssey at a mere eight years old. Yet, despite fostering his son’s talents, John Lee Bottom opted not to tread the path of an actor himself. 

Preferring instead a life of privacy, he steered clear of the limelight, content in the serenity of a private existence. While Joaquin ascended to the pinnacles of fame and recognition in Hollywood, John Lee Bottom found fulfillment in the tranquil simplicity of a life away from public scrutiny.

John Lee Bottom – Wealth

All through his life, John Lee Base stuck to a held position with respect to his funds, selecting to shield monetary issues from general visibility. Conversely, his child Joaquin Phoenix, a noticeable figure in Hollywood, has amassed extensive riches, with an expected total assets coming to $50 million. 

Regardless of his child’s victories and conspicuousness in the diversion space, John Lee Base stayed undaunted in his quest for a humble and confidential presence, distant from the spotlight. As Joaquin Phoenix’s profession thrived, accomplishing both basic praise and significant profit, John Lee Base remained consistent with his inclination for protection and straightforwardness. 

While his child’s monetary accomplishments might have projected a focus on the family, John Lee Base stayed steady in his commitment to carrying on with a humble existence and keeping a position of safety. His disposition toward overseeing abundance fills in as a demonstration of his qualities and needs, which stand particular from the lavishness frequently connected with media outlets.

John Lee Bottom – Death

As John Lee Bottom approached the twilight of his life, he grappled silently with cancer, a battle waged away from the prying eyes of the public. Following his divorce and subsequent retreat from the public eye, details surrounding his later years remained veiled in mystery. 

However, in 2015, at the age of 68, John Lee Bottom departed from this world, cancer claiming him as its final victor. While the specifics of his final years may remain enigmatic, his legacy as a father, husband, and individual of unwavering resilience continues to echo in the hearts of those who were touched by his presence.


  1. Early Life and Family: John Lee Bottom was born in 1947 in the United States. He was the son of Robert Merrill Bottom and Beulah Ingram. At the age of three, his family left the religious group ‘The Children of God’ and adopted the surname Phoenix.
  2. Marriage and Children: John married Arlyn Phoenix in 1969, and they had five children together: River, Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, and Summer Phoenix.
  3. Religious Background: Before gaining fame through his children’s success, John and Arlyn were members of ‘The Children of God,’ a Christian missionary organization.
  4. Career: While he encouraged his son Joaquin’s acting career from a young age, John himself chose not to pursue acting. He led a private life away from the spotlight.
  5. Personal Philosophy: Despite his children’s fame and success, John remained committed to a modest lifestyle and privacy, choosing to shield financial matters from public scrutiny.
  6. Health Struggles and Death: John battled cancer in his later years and passed away in 2015 at the age of 68. His final years were marked by a retreat from public life, maintaining his preference for privacy.


What was John Lee Bottom’s profession?

John Lee Bottom was primarily known as the father of acclaimed actors River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. While he supported his son Joaquin’s acting career, he himself did not pursue acting.

What was the significance of the surname Phoenix?

In 1977, John and his family adopted the surname Phoenix, symbolizing a rebirth and distancing themselves from their previous association with ‘The Children of God.’

Did John Lee Bottom divorce?

Yes, John and his wife Arlyn divorced in 1997 after 27 years of marriage. The reasons for their divorce were not publicly disclosed.

What was John Lee Bottom’s approach to wealth?

Despite his son Joaquin’s financial success in Hollywood, John preferred a modest and private lifestyle. He shielded financial matters from public visibility and remained committed to simplicity.

How did John Lee Bottom pass away?

John Lee Bottom battled cancer in his later years and passed away in 2015 at the age of 68. He maintained a private battle with the illness away from public attention.


John Lee Bottom, born in 1947, was the father of acclaimed actors River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. Before his children gained fame, John and his wife Arlyn were members of ‘The Children of God,’ a Christian missionary organization. Despite remaining largely out of the spotlight himself, John’s influence on his children’s lives and careers was significant. He picked a private and unassuming way of life, liking to protect monetary issues from public examination. John combat disease in his later years and died in 2015, abandoning a tradition of strength and obligation to family.

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