Instagram’s Latest Features To Growth In 2024

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There’s a solid reason why Instagram remains one of the biggest names in social media. The social media network keeps growing and transforming, which means new features are frequently added. 

One effective strategy to enhance your content is to buy Instagram followers, which will boost your visibility and engagement. We’ll go over the latest features and improvements for Instagram that you’ll need to grow your account in 2024.

15 New Features And Updates Of Instagram In 2024

Social media marketers need to stay up to date on advances on social media platforms. Here are some of the latest features and updates of Instagram:

1. Threads App 

Instagram just released a new app called Threads, which allows users to follow profiles they’re interested in, publish threads, and respond to others. 

Threads and replies can go in several forms, including short pieces of content, links, photos, videos, or a combination of them. To create a Threads profile, one has to have an Instagram account.

2. Instagram New UI

In May 2024, Instagram made slight adjustments, such as removing the colour from CTA buttons in user biographies. 

The Stickers feature in Instagram Stories is perhaps the most noticeable visual update.

3. Instagram DM Themes

Instagram just added DM themes as a new feature! You can choose a variety of theme options to personalize your conversations. 

Here’s how you can change it: 

  • On the feed, tap the arrow button in the upper right corner. 
  • From your list of conversations, select a discussion to tap on. 
  • Tap the chat name and select Theme. 
  • Select your favourite theme!

4. 60-Second Instagram Stories

Another useful feature is being progressively added to Instagram. It removes the annoying cuts that occur every 15 seconds and lets users publish Instagram Stories for up to 60 seconds. 

Now, it combines all user mentions, tags, locations, links, and other information into a single, lengthier story. Hey, that means you don’t have to go through the process every 15 seconds!

5.  Schedule Posts Within The Instagram App 

Finally, you can schedule your Instagram posts directly from the app. Users can now choose a specific posting date for their posts, which adds some level of ease. 

Go to Advanced Settings while creating your post, select Schedule, and choose the appropriate posting time to schedule your Instagram post directly from the Instagram app.

6. AI Stickers For Stories And DMs

With AI, you can create your personalized stickers. How awesome is that? Simply enter what you want AI to make after finding it through your stories search, click the “AI stickers” sticker, and you’re done!

7. Instagram Grid Pinning 

You can now pin posts to the top of your Instagram grid thanks to a new update. To put it another way, your earlier posts can still be at the top. 

On platforms like Twitter or TikTok, this functionality is nothing new, but for Instagram, it’s a must.

8. Use Promo Codes Directly On Instagram

Promo coupons are now accepted when making purchases through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. You have the option to manually copy and paste valid codes, or they are applied automatically at checkout.

9. Edit Your Instagram DMs

Concerned that your chat has a mistake or isn’t quite correct? Instagram message editing is now available up to fifteen minutes after sending.

Holding down on a sent message will allow you to modify it by choosing “edit” from the menu that shows up.

10. Instagram Feed With No Ads And No Suggested Posts 

Did you not become bored of looking through your Instagram feed, which is flooded with sponsored suggested posts from persons you don’t follow? I’m positive it’s yes. 

Finally, your Instagram feed will only contain posts from the users you follow; no recommended content or advertisements will appear. To get started, simply click Instagram in the upper left corner and select “Follow.” That’s all!

11. Instagram Video Posts Are Now Reels 

Some viewers may find this disturbing because they’re unable to upload a square video. 

If you want to submit square videos, here’s how to get around that: 

  • Begin by adding an image to a carousel post. 
  • Select a video to use as your carousel. 
  • Deselect your photo so that the video clip is the only thing remaining. 
  • That’s it, too! You should now see your video in square format.

12. Pin Chats To The Top Of Your Inbox 

You could find it difficult to follow some of your closest friends’ chats if you get a lot of messages on Instagram. These important discussions may now be pinned to the top of your inbox. 

You may swipe left on a chat or touch and hold it to pin it to the top of your inbox. Then, choose “pin.” The conversation can be unpinned at any time.

Ways To Beat The Instagram 2024 Algorithm

Over the past few years, Instagram Feed has undergone significant change, shifting to an algorithm that prioritizes interest. A few strategies for beating the Instagram 2024 algorithm are shown below.

  • Post the content consistently.
  • Add relevant hashtags and keywords to your posts.
  • Collaborate and promote your Instagram content.
  • Interaction through polls and comments with the audience.
  • Conversate using engaging captions.
  • Use more Instagram story stickers.
  • Ask followers to add you to their favourite feeds.


Instagram is a progressive platform that offers ample opportunities to bring growth to your account. Try the latest feature and give a boost to your content and Instagram following.

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Focus on creating quality content while ensures your posts gain the visibility they deserve.

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