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ice spice height
ice spice height


The Bronx, New York, is home to the multitalented Ice Flavor, whose veritable name is Isis Naija Gaston. Given her birthdate of January 1, 2000, she is just 21 years old. Ice Flavor, who is still exceptionally young, has recently become notable in the music business by consolidating her capacity for singing, rapping, and music with an attracting online persona. We ought to research Ice Zing’s level, age, overflow, and memoir.

Ice Spice Height

At 5 feet 3 inches tall (roughly 1.6 meters), Ice Flavor encapsulates a unique presence, directing her energy and enthusiasm into her specialty as a rapper and craftsman, rising above actual height.

Height6′ 3″ (190 cm)
Weight63 kg (138 lbs)

Ice Spice Biography

Ice was brought into the world on January 1, 2000, and spent her beginning phases in New York City with her friends and family. She went to Hallowed Heart Auxiliary School preceding working with her tutoring at the State School of New York at Purchase, where she at first sought after assessments in science. In any case, her energy for music drove her to make a huge decision: she left school to seek after a long lasting in rap and fired stepping up her capacities as a lyricist.

Ice Spice Education

Changing into her instructive foundation, Ice Zest went to class in the Bronx prior to moving to Hallowed Heart Secondary School in Yonkers, a Catholic organization, from which she graduated in 2018. Proceeding with her scholastic process, she enlisted at the State College of New York at Buy, zeroing in on correspondences.

Eminently, she displayed her physicality by effectively taking part in the school’s volleyball crew, practicing as a protective player. Regardless of her underlying excitement, Ice Flavor settled on the choice to end her college studies during her sophomore year, refering to a confuse among herself and the establishment.

Ice Spice Age

Brought into the world on January 1, 2000, Flavor entered the world under the relentless impact of the Capricorn zodiac sign, denoting her as a decided person. Her origin is, in all honesty, the energetic district of the Bronx, settled inside the clamoring city of New York.

As the schedule inches nearer to the beginning of 2025, Ice Flavor expects to praise her 25th birthday celebration in January. Denoting a critical achievement in her excursion through life and media outlets.

Ice Spice Body Measurement & Figure

Breast Size/Bust Size33 inches
Bra Size34B
Cup SizeB
Hip Size35 inches
Shoe Size8 (US), 39 (EU), or 6 (UK)
Clothes size or dress size6 (US), 38 (EU), or 10 (UK)
Age (as of 2024)24 years
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Ice Spice Career

Ice Flavor’s trip to advance began with her music moves by means of virtual amusement stages like Instagram and YouTube. Her specific style and spellbinding displays quickly gathered the thought of music industry insiders, inciting her checking with a record name at the young age of 18. From there on out, she has shipped off different singles and taken part in composed endeavors with noticeable experts, solidifying what is happening in the music scene.

Ice Spice Net Worth

Ice Flavor, a rapper with an all out resources of $8 million, rose to observable quality in the mid year of 2022 with her track “Eat (Feelin’ U),” which developed positive headway on both Twitter and TikTok. Following this accomplishment, she got a record oversee 10K Endeavors and dropped the single “Two-piece Base,” regarding the esteemed jazzed up series “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Ice Flavor’s music is predominantly Bronx drill, known for solidifying uncleared instances of additional carefully prepared tunes.

Ice Spice Personal Life

While Ice Zing regularly keeps silent about her own life, she has offered investigates her ardent associations. In an open gathering, she revealed that she is correct now dating a man named Jay. Notwithstanding, she has decided to keep further insights regarding her sweetheart hidden, leaving fans inquisitive about the span of their relationship and different points of interest.

Ice Spice Family

Starting from the dynamic Fordham Street area in the Bronx, New York City, Ice Flavor’s childhood was well established in the different social woven artwork of her environmental factors. As the oldest among five kin, she carried early liabilities inside her relational peculiarity.

Ice Zest’s ethnic legacy mirrors the rich variety of her childhood. Ice Zest’s heredity consolidates African-American and Dominican roots. Her dad, Joseph Gaston, follows his family line to African-American legacy, while her mom, Charina Almanzar, is from the Dominican Republic.

A critical effect on Ice Flavor’s imaginative excursion originates from her dad’s experience as an underground rapper, giving a familial association with the universe of hip bounce that would later shape her own melodic interests.

Ice Spice Relationships

Bits of hearsay with respect to Ice Flavor’s ongoing heartfelt ensnarements have been whirling, creating hypothesis and interest among her fans and the media the same. One such talk recommends a heartfelt contribution with Drake, purportedly her tutor in the music business. Notwithstanding, one more late talk proposes a maturing sentiment between Ice Flavor and Caleb, with murmurs of their common friendship and closeness coursing inside specific circles.

Besides, there are hypotheses in regards to Ice Flavor’s sexual direction, for certain sources proposing that she might distinguish as sexually open. These bits of gossip add layers of intricacy to her public persona, mirroring the multi-layered nature of her character and individual life.

Until Zest decides to address these tales straightforwardly and give clearness on her heartfelt connections and sexual direction, it stays an issue of guess. As fans enthusiastically look for her choice to share bits of knowledge into her own life, it’s vital for regard her security and anticipate official affirmation or proclamations from Ice Flavor herself.

Relationships Social Media 

Ice Flavor is something other than a rapper; she’s a virtual entertainment peculiarity. Her TikTok handle, @icespicee, flaunts north of 7 million adherents, where she shares her melodic substance. Notwithstanding her melodic interests, Ice Zest likewise sought after advanced education, going to Buy School in New York, where she studied Science. During her first year, she even partook in the school’s volleyball crew. Brought up in the Bronx by her mom and grandma, Ice Zest grew up close by four more youthful kin. Her childhood in New York City, encompassed by family, significantly impacts her music, imbuing her verses with profundity and legitimacy.

As Ice Flavor’s fame keeps on taking off, her fan base grows dramatically. Her music hits home for some, and her process fills in as motivation to endless others. With her extraordinary mix of ability, enthusiasm, and veritable legitimacy, Ice Zest arises as an imposing presence in the music business. Remain tuned as we dig further into her life, music, and excursion in the resulting areas of this article.


Real Name: Isis Naija Gaston

Birthdate: January 1, 2000

Age: 24 years old (as of 2024)

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (approximately 1.6 meters)

Birthplace: Bronx, New York

Education: Attended Sacred Heart High School in Yonkers and the State University of New York at Purchase (did not complete degree)

Net Worth: Approximately $8 million

Career Start: Gained recognition through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube

Musical Style: Primarily Bronx drill, incorporating samples of older songs

Viral Hit: “Munch (Feelin’ U)” in 2022

Record Label: Signed with 10K Projects

Social Media: Over 7 million followers on TikTok (@icespicee)

Family: Eldest of five siblings; mixed heritage of African-American and Dominican

Known Relationships: Mentioned dating a man named Jay, with rumors about relationships with Drake and Caleb


Ice Flavor, conceived Isis Naija Gaston on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx, New York, is a rising star in the music business known for her exceptional mix of singing and rapping. Remaining at 5 feet 3 inches, she orders a strong presence that misrepresents her actual height. Notwithstanding being only 24 years of age, Ice Zest has amassed a total assets of around $8 million, because of her viral hit “Crunch (Feelin’ U)” and resulting record manage 10K Tasks.

Ice Flavor’s process started with her sharing music via web-based entertainment stages like Instagram and YouTube, where her unmistakable style and enrapturing exhibitions grabbed the attention of music industry insiders. Her music principally includes Bronx drill, described by the utilization of tested more seasoned melodies, which has reverberated with a wide crowd.

Brought up in the socially rich climate of the Bronx, Ice Flavor went to Sacrosanct Heart Secondary School in Yonkers and momentarily learned at the State College of New York at Buy. She decided to pass on school to zero in on her music vocation completely. She is the oldest of five kin, with a blended legacy of African-American and Dominican roots, and her dad was an underground rapper, impacting her melodic way.

Ice Flavor keeps her own life moderately hidden however has shared that she is dating a man named Jay. Bits of hearsay about her heartfelt connections and sexual direction circle, yet she has not freely affirmed these hypotheses.

With a solid virtual entertainment presence, especially on TikTok where she has more than 7 million devotees, Ice Flavor keeps on developing her fan base and impact in the music business. Her excursion from the Bronx to fame fills in as a motivation, exhibiting her ability, energy, and credibility.


Q: How tall is Ice Spice?
A: Ice Spice is 5 feet 3 inches tall (approximately 1.6 meters).

Q: What is Ice Spice’s real name?
A: Ice Spice’s real name is Isis Naija Gaston.

Q: How old is Ice Spice?
A: Ice Spice is 24 years old as of 2024, born on January 1, 2000.

Q: What is Ice Spice’s net worth?
A: Ice Spice’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Q: Where is Ice Spice from?
A: Ice Spice is from the Bronx, New York.

Q: What genre of music does Ice Spice perform?
A: Ice Spice’s music is primarily Bronx drill, known for incorporating samples of older songs.

Q: Is Ice Spice in a relationship?
A: Ice Spice has mentioned dating a man named Jay, but she keeps further details about her relationships private.

Q: What is Ice Spice’s ethnicity?
A: Ice Spice has African-American and Dominican heritage.

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