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ian roussel wife
ian roussel wife

Renowned master automobile builder Ian Roussel is known for creating unique vehicles that are customized to his clients’ specifications. Because of their remarkable craftsmanship and the buzz they create, his handcrafted cars are in great demand. Renowned for his unique talent in vehicle modification, Ian stands out as one of the top custom automobile builders in the United States. His expertise has even earned him his own TV show on MAVTV called Full Custom Garage.

Ian Roussel Wife

She is recognized as the spouse of well-known American custom vehicle designer and TV celebrity Ian Roussel. Jamie and Ian live together in the Mojave Desert of California, USA, and Jamie is an avid auto enthusiast. But information about her private life, profession, and other matters is kept confidential.

Who is Ian Roussel’s?

In addition to being an expert in finance, Ian Roussel is a multi-talented individual who has gained recognition for his work on “Full Custom Garage.” He also excels as a builder of custom vehicles. In the automobile sector, Ian has gained recognition for his own style of car customisation. His birthday is November 19, 1970, in Sunland, California.


Ian Roussel was born in Southern California and had an early love of automobiles. Although not at all interested in cars, Ian found his passion in creating and molding distinctive car designs, which ultimately helped him succeed in the field.

Early Life And Childhood 

Ian Roussel, the mastermind behind “Full Custom Garage,” is not your average car guy. Crafting unique rides in the Mojave Desert to the tune of punk rock, he’s all about creating automotive art. With his show’s success, Ian’s taking his talents to the Spokane Speed and Custom Show, ready to share his passion with fans old and new. It’s a weekend filled with cool cars, autograph sessions, and the chance to meet the man behind the magic. Get ready for a thrilling ride with Ian Roussel in Spokane!


Full NameIan Roussel
ProfessionCustom Car Builder, Businessman, TV Personality
Net Worth$2 Million+ USD (approx.)
Date Of BirthNovember 19, 1970
Age53 Years Old (As of 2024)
Place Of BirthSunland, California, United States
HometownSouthern California
Current ResidenceMojave Desert, California, United States
Zodiac SignScorpio
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJamie Roussel
EducationWest Valley High School
Height (feet)6′ 2″
Height (centimeters)188 cm
Weight (pounds)196 lbs
Weight (kilograms)89 kg
Hair ColorBald
Eye ColorHazel

Ian Roussel’s Age 

As of 2024, Ian Roussel is 54 years old, born on November 19, 1970.

Body Measurements 

Ian Roussel stands tall at about six feet two inches, with a weight averaging around 89 kilograms. Sporting a bald look, his eyes gleam with the warm hue of hazel.


Ian Roussel graduated from West Valley High School in 1989, however it’s unclear what he would study after that.

Ian Roussel’s Career

Early on in life, Ian had an interest with vehicles, which he credits to his father’s influence. Even though his parents encouraged him to pursue his goals, Ian’s passion for vehicles occasionally took precedence over his commitment to a formal education.

Still, he worked relentlessly to refine his abilities and became known as one of the best vehicle designers in America. His signature became building one-of-a-kind cars that suited the needs of his customers. Even abroad, his inventions have traveled to Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and other locations.

Even though Ian’s passion is building amazing vehicles, his path has taken him to the television industry. Ian is the star of “Full Custom Garage,” which debuted in 2014 and is currently in its seventh season. His unique style and method of customizing cars enchant people.

It all started in 2003 when Ian was asked to make a DVD. He had no idea that this modest beginning would lead to the establishment of “Full Custom Garage,” garner him a loyal fan base, and bring him recognition throughout the globe for his exceptional abilities.

Ian Roussel’s Net Worth 

As of 2024, Ian Roussel remains a prominent figure in the world of car customization and television. With his captivating presence on “Full Custom Garage” and his innovative designs, he continues to inspire audiences worldwide. And with his net worth surpassing $2 million USD, Ian’s financial success is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

Personal Life 

The well-known American auto customizer Ian Roussel is a loving family man in addition to being a master of his trade. Jamie, his wife, and he are a wonderful fit since they both adore vehicles. They live together in the beautiful Californian Mojave Desert, but it’s unclear how long they’ve been married.

Two amazing youngsters complete their family. Their first child, Jayce, was born in June 2003, and their daughter, Ava Love, arrived four years later. The closeness that forms between Ian and Jamie as parents gives their already satisfying lives a new meaning.

Family of Ian Roussel’s 

Not many people are aware of Ian Roussel’s parents’ details. Ian hasn’t disclosed many details about his parents—such as their names or jobs—to the public. But it’s certain that Ian’s childhood had an impact on his love of automobiles, which helped him develop into a well-known custom vehicle designer. Even though not much is known about Ian’s parents, it is clear that they had a big influence on his interests and personality when he sought a career in the automobile sector.


Jamie Roussel and Ian Roussel are a happy couple. They live together in California’s Mojave Desert and have a similar love for automobiles. Particularly when it comes to the world of car customizing and design, their relationship appears to be one of mutual respect and curiosity. Although they may not have made public some aspects of their marriage, including how long it lasted or how they met, their relationship seems to be strong and long-lasting.


Two children are the proud parents of Ian Roussel and his wife, Jamie Roussel. In June 2003, a son named Jayce became their first child. They had Ava Love, a girl, as their second child four years later. It appears that raising their kids and passing on their love of vehicles to the next generation is the main source of happiness in Ian and Jamie’s family life.

Social Media Appearance 

As of October 2, 2022, Ian Roussel has a substantial fan base consisting of over 77,000 Facebook users. He doesn’t seem to have any personal accounts on Twitter or Instagram, but he does have an unverified Instagram account that is connected to his amazing custom car work. Although there isn’t much activity on these sites, his Facebook page is a central location for fans to get in touch with him and learn about his most recent undertakings.


Name: Jamie Roussel is the wife of renowned custom car builder and TV personality Ian Roussel.

Passion for Cars: Jamie shares her husband’s passion for automobiles and is an avid auto enthusiast.

Privacy: Despite being married to a public figure, Jamie prefers to keep her private life, including her profession and personal details, confidential.

Residence: Jamie and Ian reside together in the Mojave Desert of California, USA.

Family: The couple has two children together, a son named Jayce born in June 2003 and a daughter named Ava Love born four years later.

Marriage: Details about the duration of Jamie and Ian’s marriage are undisclosed.


Ian Roussel’s wife, Jamie, lives with him in the Mojave Desert and shares his love of automobiles. Ian is well-known in the television and custom vehicle building industries, whereas Jamie prefers to retain a low profile and keep her personal life secret. They have created a family together, nurturing their mutual passion of cars while raising two kids.


1.Is Jamie Roussel involved in Ian’s career?

While Jamie shares Ian’s love for cars, her involvement in his career is not publicly disclosed. However, their shared passion for automobiles likely contributes to their strong relationship.

2.Where do Jamie and Ian Roussel live?

The Roussels reside in the Mojave Desert of California, USA, where Ian practices his craft of custom car building.

3.How many children do Jamie and Ian Roussel have?

Jamie and Ian have two children together: a son named Jayce, born in June 2003, and a daughter named Ava Love, born four years later.

4.Does Jamie Roussel have a public presence on social media?

Jamie Roussel maintains a private life and does not have public accounts on social media platforms. However, Ian Roussel has a Facebook page with a substantial following.

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