How to Redecorate Your Home with Live Edge Furniture?

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Live Edge Furniture

Renovating your home can be one of the most fun experiences especially when it involves items that are as special as live edge furniture. They are stunning and natural looking and will easily fit into any modern or rural home as pieces of furniture. In this blog, we will discuss how to redesign your home with live edge furniture some of the aspects we will be covering will include live edge kitchen tables and coffee tablesamong others.

Selecting the Right Live Edge Kitchen Table

Why a Live Edge Kitchen Table?

A live edge kitchen table can be used as a magnificent focal point in the dining area of your house. It has natural and beautiful edges and grain which gives the house a warm touch and distinction. When looking for a live edge kitchen table, one needs to consider; the type of wood, the size, and the finish to fit the existing décor.

Selecting the Wood

These are some of the most commonly used types of wood for live edge kitchen tables: walnuts, maple, and oak. For example, the live edge walnut table has a dark color with a beautiful grain pattern and it is very suitable for the dining area. Walnut is a very hard and elegant wood that fits contemporary and classic homes equally well.

Customization Options

It is useful to search for “custom furniture near me” to improve the experience of redecorating your space. There is an option of having custom live edge kitchen tables that meet specific requirements such as size, shape, and the kind of finishing to be put on the table. In collaboration with a local artisan, one can choose the specific wood slab and specific features of a table, thus the table is unique.

Liven Up Your Living Room with a Live Edge Coffee Table

Advantages of a live edge coffee table

A live edge wood coffee table is a natural piece in your living room that becomes a center of attention and people’s interest. We, at Pathway Tables, like to use organic shapes and textures of the wood, which allows it to be incorporated into many design concepts, from country to minimalism.

Integrating with Existing Décor

When choosing a live edge coffee table to complement your living room, you should take into consideration the color scheme and furniture. The same coffee table made from walnut is deep and rich and would perfectly fit into a neutral or earthy interior design, while maple wood will lighten up the darker interiors.

Finding Custom Wood Furniture Near You

When you start to look for custom wood furniture close to you, you may find original pieces of furniture that are made with the help of hands and can complement the interior. Many local craftsmen provide customization services, meaning that you can define the size, the kind of finish, and other characteristics of the shelves to your liking.

Taking Care of Your Live Edge Furniture

Care Tips

The live edge coffee table needs a little care to ensure it looks as beautiful as the day it was installed. Dusting should be done frequently and occasional wiping of the surface with a damp cloth is also advisable. Do not use strong chemicals which are likely to harm the wooden finish.

Protection from Elements

It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure and dramatic fluctuations in temperature with live edge furniture since the wood can split or discolor. One can also use coasters and placemats to avoid marks and scratches on the live edge kitchen table or coffee table.


The use of live edge tables in the interior design adds a natural element to your interior design and makes your rooms look unique and stylish. A live edge kitchen table that doubles up as a dining table or a live edge coffee table that you can place in the living room. Thus, by selecting the proper kind of wood, having the furniture constructed to order, and proper care and treatment of the furniture, one can properly preserve the splendor of the live edge furniture for an extended period of time. Begin your search for custom wood furniture close to you and change the appearance of your home with the beauty of live-edge furniture.

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