how tall is jelly roll”Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Jelly Roll’s Height Exposed”

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how tall is jelly roll
how tall is jelly roll


Jelly Roll, originally named Jason Bradley DeFord, is a well-known name in the music scene, particularly under his stage alias. Coming from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, he entered the world on December 4, 1984, which means he’s now 39 years old. With a towering height of around 6 feet and a weight of about 460 pounds, Jelly Roll has carved out a notable path in his profession, accumulating an estimated net worth of $4 million along the way.

how tall is jelly roll?

Jelly Roll has really made a name for himself, reaching incredible heights of fame and reputation that have grabbed headlines. With all the buzz surrounding him, you might be curious about just how tall he is in both feet and meters. Well, wonder no more! Jelly Roll stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches. And if there are any changes to his height, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. You can watch him on his official YouTube channel if you’re a fan.

Based on the information available, Jelly Roll appears to be a person who knows how to fully enjoy life.

 If you’re interested, we’ve also got the scoop on Jelly Roll’s measurements listed below. And if you’re curious about his net worth, well, that’s a whole other story!

Measurement TypeValue
Centimeters170 cm
Meters1.70 m
Feet and Inches5 ft 7 in

Who is?

Allow me to present Jelly Roll, or Jason Bradley DeFord as his family calls him. He is not your typical American rapper, singer, and songwriter; he was born in 1984. Jelly Roll has developed a renowned reputation in the industry thanks to his distinct and difficult to define musical style.

It’s astounding to think that he has released 27 albums. Yes, you’re correct! Gems like “Whitsitt Chapel,” “Ballads of the Broken,” and “A Beautiful Disaster” are a few of his most notable compositions. However, Jelly Roll’s versatility across genres is what makes him so awesome. He has performed every genre of music, including rock, country, and rap!

And let’s talk achievements.In 2022, his song “Dead Man Walking” reached the top of the Mainstream Rock Airplay chart, and the following year, “Son of a Sinner” peaked at the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart. 

I consider that to be leaving my mark!

In addition, his talent has been noticed by others.For her song “Son of a Sinner,” Jelly Roll won the CMT Music Award for CMT Digital-First Performance of the Year in 2023. The Country Music Association also announced him as the recipient of the New Artist of the Year Award.

 It could be argued that Jelly Roll is beginning to become known in the music business.


Allow me to present Jelly Roll, or Jason Bradley DeFord as his mother calls him. He’s a true musical chameleon, not your typical American rapper and singer-songwriter. Despite the possibility that his name is spelled JellyRoll, he has established a strong reputation for himself in the field.

Now, there’s one song you’ve gotta know about – “Son of a Sinner.” It’s not just any song; it’s the one that earned Jelly Roll not one, not two, but three CMT Music Awards in 2023! Yep, he swept the board with those wins. Talk about leaving a mark in the music world!

Early life childhood 

Jelly’s ascent to fame is incredibly motivating. Despite having a challenging upbringing, he never gave up on his dream of becoming a well-known musician.

He developed his fighting skills and resilience during all of the adversities.

There’s no denying that Jelly had his fair share of troubles in the past. He found himself behind bars due to some bad choices and run-ins with the law. But since his release, he’s made a complete turnaround.Jelly overcame his previous issues and changed the course of his life. He’s concentrating on his music now, trying to make the most of his second opportunity.


Celebrated NameJelly Roll
Real Name/Full NameJason DeFord
Age34 years old
Birth DateDecember 4, 1986
Birth PlaceAntioch, Tennessee
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight90 kg (198 pounds)
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/SpouseBunnie Xo
Children/KidsSon named Noah Buddy Deford
Date/GirlfriendNot applicable / Yes (name undisclosed)
Is Jelly Roll Gay?No, he is straight
ProfessionAmerican rapper
Net Worth in 2020$2 million


US citizen Jelly Roll was born on December 4, 1984, and she will turn 39 in 2024. His hometown is Nashville, Tennessee.


Jelly Roll, born on December 4th, 1986, was 34 years old in 2020. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 90 kilograms, he’s got a presence that matches his talent.


Despite being highly educated, Jelly Roll found himself facing a challenging situation at the same age. Unfortunately, he ended up in prison due to some bad behavior and involvement in illegal activities. It was a tough time in his life, but he’s since turned things around and focused on his music career.


Allow me to briefly describe Jelly Roll’s experience in the music industry.Since the release of his debut solo studio album on October 2, 2012, he has put out a number of mixtapes. Jelly has teamed up with some well-known figures in the industry so he won’t be doing this alone. 

His partnerships with Struggle Jennings, Haystak, and Lil Wayne have been generating a lot of buzz.

But things haven’t always gone according to plan. Remember his mixtape “Weed, Whiskey, and Waffle House”? When Waffle House learned about it and threatened to take legal action over the use of their name and logo on the cover, it created a little stir. 

 Jelly Roll had to swap out the cover and slap a “cease and desist” notice where the logo

Despite the bumps along the way, Jelly’s had some major successes too. His album with Lil Wyte, “No Filter,” made its mark, hitting number 23 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart, number 17 on the Top Rap Albums chart, and snagging the 42nd spot on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart. Plus, he even got an invite to perform at the Juggalo Washington event on New Year’s Day in 2017. Now that’s what I call making moves in the music biz!

Jelly Roll’s Awards & Achievements

Jelly Roll recently rocked the stage at Nashville’s most iconic venue, and let me tell you, it was a full house! This show meant everything to him – he was buzzing with excitement like never before. Despite not receiving any awards yet in his career, Jelly Roll’s optimism shines through.Who knows what will happen tomorrow? He continues to be upbeat and committed to seizing every chance that presents itself.

Net worth

Jelly Roll has traveled places with his music. Having released multiple mixtapes and albums, his songs have amassed millions of views and even set records. What’s really incredible, though, is how he made it to the top.

His extraordinarily lucrative singing career is his primary source of income.Jelly Roll reportedly has a $4 million fortune and lives a lavish lifestyle with his family. He has established himself as one of the most significant country rappers in the world, even though Forbes does not list him among the richest rappers or celebrities.

Jelly Roll’s unique quality is his genuineness. His devoted following adores him for it in addition to his undeniable charm and talent. His inventiveness and adaptability as a musician have won him the admiration of both critics and fans.

But Jelly Roll didn’t have an easy ride to success. He has experienced a good deal of hardship, including addiction, poverty, legal problems, and weight problems. Nevertheless, he has dealt with his challenges, expressed himself, and motivated others via his music throughout it all.

It’s important to acknowledge his generosity.Jelly Rolls is all about supporting different causes and giving back to his community.He is a real-life illustration of how passion, tenacity, and staying true to oneself can lead to success and happiness.

Jelly Roll, in spite of his lavish lifestyle, is a devoted father and husband who values his family. 

Personal life 

Jelly Roll rarely discusses his personal life, particularly in relation to his marriage to Bunnie Xo. It’s clear that they genuinely love each other even though they haven’t revealed the precise date of their wedding. For the time being, their love history is still a mystery because Jelly Roll would rather keep those details private.

Jelly Roll seems to value privacy when it comes to his personal life and has chosen to keep it that way. Despite his fame, he fiercely defends the privacy of his family.

In relation to family, Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo are pleased to be the parents of Noah Buddy Deford, a young child. 

 It’s clear that family means everything to Jelly Roll, and he’s keeping their bond strong while navigating life in the spotlight.


Jelly Roll has undergone development and metamorphosis during her journey. Despite early struggles and a stint in jail, he came out of that experience a different man. In both his personal and professional lives, he has gained recognition for his humility and compassion.

Jelly Roll has avoided the gossip trail and controversy in spite of his past.

 His focus on his music and his family has kept him grounded. There’s been no hint of any separation rumors with his wife, Bunnie Xo.

Ever since Jelly Roll’s first album was released, his career has advanced bit by bit. Fans and followers have shown him love and support, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping.

 Jelly Roll’s is a successful and inspirational story, and he has earned the respect and admiration he is shown.


Jelly Roll and Bunnie DeFord were married in 1939. Their two children are son Noah and daughter Bailee Ann (from a previous relationship). He is open about his struggles with addiction, and he values his family’s support greatly in both his life and his music.

Married life 

Jerry’s earliest childhood memories are of him dancing in the kitchen with his mother to the charming sounds of vintage country music. Now that he is an adult, he is wed to Bunnie Xo, and the two of them have a lovely daughter named Noah Buddy DeFord.

Though he’s well-known for his singing, Jerry’s more than just a musician; he’s a good man in general. In both life and music, he is direct, honest, and loyal to himself. With Jerry, you get what you see; there are no ulterior motives.

One thing that really shows Jerry’s big heart is how he handled that dispute with Waffle House. See, he’s a big fan of their food, and when things got a little rocky with them, he handled it with grace and maturity.

Jerry has some tattoos that you might notice, but they’re not for show. Every one of them shares a tale of his past self and his journey. Although he never thought he would be in this position, he is appreciative of every turn he has taken.

Jerry’s music has developed along with him. 

 And you know what? His fans have grown right along with him.Jerry is undoubtedly a changed man as well as a changed artist, and his supporters are there to support him every step of the way.


1.Jelly Roll has two children: a daughter named Bailee Ann and a son named Noah Buddy.

2.Bailee Ann was born in 2008 to Jelly Roll’s ex-girlfriend Felicia.

3.Jelly Roll gained custody of Bailee Ann in 2016 with the help of Bunnie XO after Felicia struggled with heroin addiction.

4.Noah Buddy was born in 2016 to another ex-girlfriend of Jelly Roll.

Social media 

Social Media PlatformIDFollowers/Subscribers
FacebookJelly Roll
YouTubeJelly Roll3.15M
TwitterJelly Roll214.3K

Facts :

1. Early Childhood Memories:** Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord, fondly remembers dancing in the kitchen with his mother to vintage country music during his early childhood.

2. Family Life:** As an adult, Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie Xo, and they have a daughter named Noah Buddy DeFord.

3. Musical Career:** Known primarily for his singing, Jelly Roll is more than just a musician – he’s known for his honesty, directness, and loyalty to himself in both life and music.

4. Handling Disputes:** Jelly Roll’s character shines through in how he handles disputes, as demonstrated by his graceful and mature handling of a disagreement with Waffle House, a restaurant he loves.

5. Tattoos:** Jelly Roll’s tattoos aren’t just for show; each one tells a story of his past self and his journey to where he is today.


The events of Jelly Roll’s life play out like a screenplay for a film: from early kitchen dances with his mother to becoming a well-known musician. His constant sincerity and authenticity in all facets of his life, including music, are what make him unique.

 Jelly Roll remains true to himself and keeps his feet firmly planted even in trying circumstances. Furthermore, what do you know? He is appreciative of every detour that brought him to this point in his life. That kind of tenacity and integrity is what really sets Jelly Roll apart.


Q: How tall is Jelly Roll?**

A: Jelly Roll’s height is 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters).

Q: What is Jelly Roll’s real name?**

A: Jelly Roll’s real name is Jason Bradley DeFord.

Q: Is Jelly Roll married?**

A: Yes, Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie Xo.

Q: Does Jelly Roll have children?**

A: Yes, Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo have a daughter named Noah Buddy DeFord.

Q: What is Jelly Roll known for?**

A: Jelly Roll is known for his career as an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, as well as for his authenticity and honesty in both his personal life and music.

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