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harlan mandel
harlan mandel

Growing up in a racially intolerant America, Maya faced the additional challenge of being a woman. George might not have anticipated how quickly the seeds of his struggle, alongside those of many other civil rights pioneers like Martin Luther King Jr., would begin to bear fruit.

Curious about why and how? This narrative unveils the remarkable ascent of Maya Wiley, a black woman who has achieved significant influence in an America that has historically been unwelcoming to people of color. Her journey is a testament to the American dream. Maya Wiley is a highly regarded scholar, legal analyst, and civil rights activist, holding positions of influence that are rare for any woman, especially a black woman. She is the visionary behind the Center for Social Inclusion, serving as its founder and current President. This national organization is dedicated to merging public policy research with grassroots advocacy to dismantle structural racial inequality and foster fairness and inclusion. Let’s delve deeper into her story.

Who is Harlan Mandel?

One well-known individual is Harlan Mandel, CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF). MDIF is an imaginative gathering committed to supporting free media universally, particularly in regions where dependable news and data are scant. Under Mandel’s administration, MDIF has made huge commitments to squeeze opportunity, the best of reporting, and the strength of information associations despite affliction.

Throughout his multi-decade profession, Mandel has amassed an abundance of information in media improvement, speculation, and methodology. He is regarded as a leading authority on the expansion and viability of the media because of his expertise in this field.

Mandel is well known for his commercial endeavors as well as his commitment to philanthropy and social influence. His life’s work has been to advance democratic, human rights, and media freedom; he has used MDIF’s resources to spread kindness and positive change around the world.

Because of his contributions to the media industry and his dedication to expanding free journalism, Harlan Mandel is generally considered as a key and influential actor in the field of media development.


Taking into account his birthdate of January 2, 1964, Harlan Mandel will be 57 years old in 2021. Despite being a US citizen, he serves as the CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF). It isn’t commonly known who his companion is, yet he is hitched. Growing up in an American family, Mandel’s parents’ personal information is kept confidential. 

Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel are Mandel’s two children. He also has two other kids that go by the names of Nathan and Jason. Even if it is kept somewhat quiet, his family life undoubtedly plays a big role in his life in addition to his accomplishments at work.

Early Life

Harlan Mandel’s upbringing in an American family laid the foundation for his future success. While specific details about his parents remain undisclosed, their influence undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his character and ambition.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mandel finds fulfillment in his personal life with his partner, whose identity remains private. Together, they have raised two children, Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel, affectionately known as Nathan and Jason.

Mandel’s commitment to his family and work is a reflection of his well-rounded outlook on life, which balances his success in the workplace with his value for interpersonal relationships. Mandel continues to be a well-respected individual recognized for his leadership abilities and strategic thinking as he navigates the constantly changing media and investment scene.


Full NameHarlan Mandel
NicknameHarlan Mandel
ProfessionMedia Development Investment Fund (MDIF)
Spouse NameHarlan Mandel
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1964
Age57 years
Zodiac SignNot Known
Birth PlaceUnited States
ResidenceUnited States
EthnicityNot Known
ParentsFather- Not Known
Mother- Not Known
SiblingsNot Known
Alma MaterColumbia University
Height6 Feet
Weight84 kg

Age & Body Measurements 

Harlan Mandel is a guy of considerable professional stature, and he has a dominating physical presence to match his height of 6 feet and 84 kilograms. Mandel, who will be 61 years old in 2024, exudes the confidence and wisdom that come with years of experience in the media.

Mandel makes sure he stays in top shape to meet the demands of his diversified work as President of the Media Development Investment Fund by maintaining a tight commitment to health and fitness despite the fast-paced nature of his profession. His commitment to both his work and personal health is a sign of a holistic strategy for success, one in which mental acuity and physical vigor go hand in hand.

Mandel’s strong physique is evidence of his tenacity and resolve in the face of difficulties as he navigates the ever-changing media and investment resources. His vast experience and unwavering commitment to perfection only serve to further cement his standing as a leader and pioneer in his industry with every day that goes by.

Educational Background

After completing his undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College, Harlan Mandel went on to Columbia University to complete his PhD work. In keeping with his educational and cultural upbringing, he identifies as American and white racially. His zodiac sign is still a mystery, though, which lends an air of excitement to his profile while being aware of his intellectual background and cultural origins.

Harlan Mandel Career 

Maya Wiley has played various huge jobs in the field of civil rights and backing, where she has been a vocal backer for racial and computerized correspondence. She has played unmistakable parts at notable foundations, for example, the Open Society Organization, the American Common Freedoms Association, and the NAACP Legitimate Protection and Instructive Asset. Later, she was Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City’s Chief Legal Advisor, where she oversaw the expansion of broadband access throughout the city and the advancement of women’s and minority-owned businesses, gender equality, and civil rights.

However there were bits of hearsay that she could turn into the NAACP’s forerunner in 2014, dissident and legal counselor Cornell William Streams at last dominated. Also, Wiley directed the free Non military personnel Grumbling Audit Board (CCRB) in New York, which checked policing. She joined the Henry Cohen Teacher of Public Strategy and Metropolitan Arrangement at the Milano School of Governmental issues, The executives, and the Climate in 2016 and took on the place of Senior VP of Civil rights at The New School.

Not only does Wiley serve as a Legal Analyst for NBC News, but she also frequently contributes to Time Magazine, The Guardian, and Essence.com. Operating out of her house at first, CSI was a Tides Center project that was seed funded with $75,000 from the Open Society Institute.Alongside her colleague Jocelyn Sargent, Wiley launched CSI in response to the post-9/11 landscape, aiming to develop inclusive political strategies in a city grappling with profound challenges.

Harlan Mandel Net Worth

Maya Wiley has focused her activism mainly on non-profit projects, but her hard work has also brought her some lucrative jobs, like her present one as Legal Counsel for MSNBC. Reports state that the median yearly salary for legal analysts at MSNBC is approximately $83,377. According to estimates from 2019, Wiley has a net worth of about $1 million.

Personal Life

Maya Wiley and her longtime companion, Harlan Mandel, who is the CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), are happily married. Although there aren’t many specifics about their premarital lives, such as when and where they got engaged, their marriage has been rewarded with two kids, Kai and Naja Wiley-Mandel. Wiley’s social media profiles provide a vital channel for followers to interact with her and get a peek of her private life. At the moment, the family lives in Brooklyn, New York City, and they have two cats, Romeo and Maxie.

Family of Harlan Mandel 

The life of Harlan Mandel is linked to his union with eminent American scholar, attorney, and civil rights advocate Maya Wiley. Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mande are their two children, and they both love being parents to them. Mandel hasn’t disclosed much more information about his family than this, but we’re actively looking for further details. You may be confident that when we learn more about his family history, we’ll keep you informed.


Maya Wiley and her partner, Harlan Mandel, lead a fulfilling life intertwined with their professional endeavors and family dynamics. Mandel’s role as the President of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) complements Wiley’s journey as a champion of civil rights and legal expertise.

Their engagement, wedding date, and venue are all kept secret, adding to the intrigue surrounding their love tale. But their relationship has grown stronger over time, and now they have two happy girls, Kai and Naja Wiley-Mandel, who definitely make their house happy and full of laughter.

Wiley’s active participation on social media gives fans access to their private life and encourages communication and engagement with them. She provides glimpses of family events and details about her interests and goals via these platforms.

They have made a comfortable home for themselves in the busy borough of Brooklyn, New York City, where they currently reside. Their two feline buddies, Romeo and Maxie, complete the image and add joy and companionship to their lives, adding to the charm of their family.

Maya Wiley and Harlan Mandel find comfort and enjoyment in the love and laughter that fill their home, enhancing their lives in significant ways, despite the hectic pace of New York City life.


  • CEO of MDIF: Harlan Mandel is the CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), an organization dedicated to supporting free media worldwide, especially in areas where access to reliable news and information is limited.
  • Commitment to Media Freedom: Under Mandel’s leadership, MDIF has played a significant role in promoting press freedom, journalistic excellence, and the sustainability of media organizations in challenging environments.
  • Extensive Experience: With decades of experience in media development, investment, and strategy, Mandel is recognized as a leading authority in the field.
  • Philanthropic Work: Mandel is known for his commitment to philanthropy and social impact, using MDIF’s resources to promote democracy, human rights, and media freedom globally.
  • Personal Life: Mandel is married to Maya Wiley, a prominent figure in civil rights advocacy and legal expertise. They have two daughters together, Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel.


An outline of Harlan Mandel’s life and career accomplishments is given in the article. It emphasizes his commitment to advancing media freedom and social impact in his capacity as CEO of MDIF. It also talks of his union with Maya Wiley, their family, and their accomplishments in their various domains.


1.What is Harlan Mandel’s net worth?

Maya Wiley’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2019.

2.Where did Harlan Mandel attend college?

Harlan Mandel attended Dartmouth College for his undergraduate studies and Columbia University for his graduate studies.

3.How old is Harlan Mandel?

Harlan Mandel was born on January 2, 1964, making him 57 years old as of 2021.

4.What is Harlan Mandel’s role at MDIF?

Harlan Mandel serves as the CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), where he oversees the organization’s efforts to support free media globally.

5.Does Harlan Mandel have any children?

Yes, Harlan Mandel has two daughters with Maya Wiley, named Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel.

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