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gracie hunt net worth
gracie hunt net worth

Gracie Chase has been a signal of motivation for young ladies, devoting herself to pushing for training and psychological wellness mindfulness. Through her inclusion with different associations, she enthusiastically advances the significance of schooling and works to destigmatize emotional wellness issues. 

In 2020, she made her energy a stride further by establishing The Gracie Chase Establishment, meaning to reveal insight into psychological well-being difficulties and deal backing to those out of luck.

Naturally introduced to a family well established in sports, Gracie is the girl of Clark Chase, a previous NFL quarterback turned Kansas City Bosses leader. In spite of her family’s conspicuous status, Gracie has cut out her, still up in the air to leave a positive effect on the world.

Gracie’s undertakings certainly stand out, inciting numerous to look for data about her own life. This article looks to give an outline of Gracie Chase’s experience, including her memoir, age, level, and total assets, resolving the inquiries and interests encompassing her.

Gracie Hunt’s Net Worth

Gracie Chase has amassed an impressive total assets of roughly $2 million, inferable from her rising prevalence and her family’s significant resources. With an esteemed foundation and a deep rooted presence, her family partakes in a huge fanbase across the USA.

Who is Gracie Hunt?

Gracie Chase appeared on the scene on Walk 29, 1999, in the dynamic city of Dallas, Texas. She’s the girl of Clark Chase, who wears different caps, including being the proprietor of the Kansas City Bosses. Her genealogical record flaunts a glad heritage in sports, with her fatherly granddad, Lamar Chase, having made a permanent imprint as the visionary pioneer behind both the American Football Association (AFL) and Significant Association Soccer.

Regardless of her profound roots in football, Gracie herself had an enthusiasm for soccer and, surprisingly, played the game. In any case, her fantasies about going master were run by a progression of lamentable wounds, which constrained her to turn her concentrate somewhere else.


Full NameGracie Clark Hunt
Date of BirthMarch 29, 1999
Age24 (as of January 2024)
Birth PlaceTexas, United States
ProfessionModel and Philanthropist
Girlfriend/BoyfriendTyler Cameron
ParentsClark Hunt and Tavia Shackles
Height1.75 m

Gracie Hunt Early Life and Education

Gracie Chase appeared on the scene on Walk 29, 1999, making her 21 years of age at the hour of these occasions. With double citizenship in the US and a mix of legacies, she exemplifies a rich social foundation. Brought into the world under the indication of Aries, she radiates the blazing soul frequently connected with her prophetic sign.

Hailing from Texas, Gracie finished her secondary school instruction prior to chasing after higher examinations with commitment. Succeeding scholastically, she acquired herself passing marks during her school years. Her instructive excursion drove her to Southern Methodist College for her four year certification and later to the College of Kansas for her graduate degree.

What is Gracie Hunt’s age? 

As of January 2024, Gracie Chase, the American model, is 24 years of age. Brought into the world on Walk 29, 1999, under the indication of Aries, she typifies the qualities frequently connected with this prophetic sign. Gracie gladly holds American citizenship and comes from a white ethnic foundation.

Her foundations follow back to Dallas, Texas, where she was brought into the world to her folks, Clark Chase and Tavia Shackles. Her dad stands firm on the lofty footing of President and prime supporter of the Kansas City Bosses, an eminent NFL establishment. In the interim, her mom, a previous model, shares responsibility for group close by her better half.

Gracie Hunt Parents and Family

Gracie Chase’s family is a noticeable and affectionate one. Her folks, Mr. Clark Chase and Mrs. Tavia Chase, share a cheerful marriage, giving areas of strength for a to their youngsters. Close by Gracie, they have two different kids: Knobel Chase, who succeeds as a soccer player, and Ava Chase, who likewise wanders into the universe of displaying.

Gracie’s genealogy stretches out to her fatherly granddad, Mr. Lamar Chase, a loved figure in sports history. He holds an esteemed spot in the Master Football Corridor of Notoriety and is most popular as the organizer behind both the American Football Association and Significant Association Soccer. His heritage lives on in spite of his passing in 2006, making a permanent imprint on the universe of sports.

Concerning her dad, Clark Knobel Chase, brought into the world on February 19, 1965, he is a remarkable figure in the games business. Filling in as an establishing financial backer proprietor of Significant Association Soccer and the director and President of the Kansas City Bosses, he supervises the tasks of these famous establishments. Clark’s administration has driven the Bosses to various accomplishments, including eight postseason appearances, six AFC West titles, two Super Bowl appearances, and one title.

Acquiring a rich inheritance from her family, Gracie Chase keeps on cutting her own way while maintaining the qualities imparted in her by her folks and grandparents

Gracie Hunt’s Personal Life

Gracie Chase entered the world on Walk 29, 1999, squarely in the core of Dallas, Texas. Presently, at 24 years of age as of January 2024, she stands glad as an American resident with a legacy as different as her desires. With the red hot assurance of an Aries, Gracie exemplifies a lively nature that fills her undertakings.

Her family foundation sparkles with noticeable quality. Gracie’s dad, Clark Chase, holds the reins of the Kansas City Bosses, a titan in the NFL domain. Her fatherly granddad, Lamar Chase, stands tall in American games history as the visionary behind both the American Football Association (AFL) and Significant Association Soccer.

In issues of the heart, Gracie’s heartfelt excursion entwines with Tyler Cameron, a bond set apart by responsibility and shared minutes. Nonetheless, the pages of her past likewise hold sections with football player Drew Lock, a demonstration of the fluctuated encounters that shape her.

Family stays the foundation of Gracie’s reality. With kin Knobel and Ava close by, and guardians Clark and Tavia sharing a joyful association, she flourishes in a sustaining climate that supports her development.

Instruction is a foundation of Gracie’s excursion. Furnished with a four year college education in Sports The board from Southern Methodist College and an expert’s from the College of Kansas, she keeps on growing her viewpoints.

Past her scholastic interests, Gracie’s heart beats for soccer, an energy she channels into demonstrating for FC Dallas, her sibling’s group. As a Brand Representative for the Unique Olympics, she enhances her voice for social makes close her heart.

In her free time, Gracie tracks down comfort in wellness, design, and way of life pursuits, sharing her experiences liberally on her foundation. With each undertaking, she typifies the present day powerhouse and altruist, exploring life’s intricacies with elegance and assurance.

Gracie Hunt Boyfriend

Gracie appears to have tracked down an extraordinary association with Tyler Cameron, with their new meeting at Ruler in Kansas City alluding to a blooming sentiment. Be that as it may, her heartfelt excursion has seen past parts with football sensation Attracted Lock 2019, however their ways separated soon after.

With respect to the full extent of Gracie’s life, we should make a plunge. She’s a dynamic 24-year-old, hailing from the clamoring city of Dallas, Texas. With a blended legacy and the lively assurance of an Aries, Gracie typifies a special mix of social impacts and individual drive.

Her genealogical record flaunts a rich inheritance, with her dad, Clark Chase, controlling the boat as the proprietor of the Kansas City Bosses. Gracie’s genealogy is additionally embellished with the celebrated figure of her fatherly granddad, Lamar Chase, a pioneer in American games history as the visionary behind the AFL and Significant Association Soccer.

Schooling assumes a huge part in Gracie’s excursion, having moved on from Southern Methodist College with a degree in Sports The board prior to seeking after her lord’s at the College of Kansas. Her scholastic ability is supplemented by a profound energy for soccer, which she channels into demonstrating for FC Dallas.

Past her expert undertakings, Gracie is a reference point of magnanimity, filling in as a Brand Representative for the Exceptional Olympics and utilizing her foundation to advocate for purposes near her heart, like psychological wellness mindfulness.

In her relaxation time, Gracie tracks down euphoria in wellness, style, and way of life pursuits, imparting her bits of knowledge and encounters to her supporters via web-based entertainment. With each post, she proceeds to motivate and inspire, typifying the embodiment of a present day powerhouse and humanitarian.

Gracie Hunt Career

Gracie Chase’s energy for soccer runs profound, frequently gracing the focal point for displaying shoots connected with her sibling’s group, FC Dallas. However, her impact reaches out a long ways past the field. Starting around 2015, she’s filled in as a committed Brand Diplomat for the Unique Olympics, diverting her energy into elevating networks and supporting inclusivity.

Adding to her awards, Gracie’s displaying venture has seen exceptional achievements. Delegated Miss Kansas USA in 2021, her elegance and appeal enthralled crowds, procuring her a good sixteenth situation in the Miss USA show. Today, she remains as a pursued figure in the realm of extravagance brands, loaning her picture to spellbinding promotions and content displaying projects.

Gracie’s computerized impression is similarly noteworthy, with her online entertainment presence taking off higher than ever. Her posts resound with millions, drawing appreciation and commitment from fans around the world. Through her site, she organizes a different scope of content, offering experiences from wellness masters to design experts, mirroring her complex persona as both a force to be reckoned with and giver.

Gracie Hunt’s Social Media

Gracie Hunt is a vibrant presence across various social media platforms, where she generously shares snippets of her life, advocacy initiatives, and career ventures with her followers.You can catch up with her on:

By tuning in to Gracie’s profiles on these platforms, you’ll be able to keep up with her uplifting journey, impactful advocacy efforts, and contributions to the world.Join her growing community of supporters to stay connected and participate in meaningful discussions on significant topics.


Gracie Hunt, daughter of former NFL quarterback and current Kansas City Chiefs executive Clark Hunt, has become a symbol of motivation for young women. Born on March 29, 1999, in Dallas, Texas, Gracie has a rich heritage in sports, with her grandfather Lamar Hunt being the visionary behind the American Football League (AFL) and Major League Soccer. Despite her family’s prominence, Gracie has carved her own path, advocating for education and mental health awareness.

At 24 years old, Gracie has amassed a net worth of approximately $2 million, thanks to her rising popularity and her family’s substantial assets. She is highly active on social media, where she shares insights into her life, advocacy work, and career endeavors. Gracie’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Southern Methodist University and a master’s degree from the University of Kansas.

Gracie’s personal life is marked by her relationship with Tyler Cameron, although she has had previous romances, including one with football player Drew Lock. She comes from a close-knit family, with siblings Knobel and Ava, and parents Clark and Tavia, providing a supportive environment for her growth.


  • Gracie Hunt was born on March 29, 1999, in Dallas, Texas.
  • Her grandfather, Lamar Hunt, was the founder of the AFL and Major League Soccer.
  • Gracie’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.
  • She is a model and philanthropist, advocating for education and mental health awareness.
  • Gracie is in a relationship with Tyler Cameron, and she previously dated football player Drew Lock.


What is Gracie Hunt’s net worth?

Gracie Hunt’s net worth is approximately $2 million.

Who are Gracie Hunt’s parents?

Gracie Hunt’s parents are Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles.

What is Gracie Hunt’s educational background?

Gracie Hunt graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Southern Methodist University and later earned her master’s degree from the University of Kansas.

Is Gracie Hunt involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Gracie Hunt is actively involved in philanthropy, particularly in advocating for education and mental health awareness.

Who is Gracie Hunt’s current boyfriend?

Gracie Hunt is currently in a relationship with Tyler Cameron.

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