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glenda bautista
glenda bautista

Who is Glenda Bautista-Baker?

Glenda Bautista-Dough puncher is a veteran in the media innovation field, known for her broad information and experience. Over her long profession, she has accomplished eminent headways in advanced media and innovation, particularly during her residency at Penske Media Organization.

Alenda Bautista`s Introduction

Glenda Bautista-Dough puncher is a conspicuous figure in the media and innovation enterprises, particularly inside Penske Media Company (PMC). Her great vocation and critical commitments have laid out her as a main impact in the field.

Alenda Bautista`s Biography

Glenda Bautista is a noticeable promoting leader in the US, likewise perceived as the previous spouse of Dave Bautista, the notable entertainer, WWE grappler, and weightlifter. Regardless of her association with Dave, there are numerous less popular parts of Glenda’s life and profession that are very intriguing.


Full NameGlenda Bautista-Baker
Date of Birth5 February 1970
Age54 years (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Place of BirthNew York, United States
Current ResidenceNew York City, New York, United States
Height5’6″ (168 cm)
Weight121 lbs (55 kg)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandChris Baker
UniversityThe State University of New York at Albany
ProfessionSenior leader in advertising
Net Worth$300 thousand–$1 million

Early Life and Background

Glenda Bautista-Cook, brought up in the US, found her enthusiasm for innovation and media from the beginning. This energy set the establishment for a profession where she handily joined her specialized mastery with her media sharpness.

Alenda Bautista`s Education

Glenda sought after her schooling earnestly, procuring a Four year college education in Data Frameworks from the College of San Francisco. Her examinations gave her a solid groundwork in innovation and business the executives, setting up her well for her future vocation.

Alenda Bautista`s Age and Height

As of February 2024, Glenda Bautista-Cook is 54 years of age, brought into the world on February 5, 1970, under the zodiac indication of Aquarius. Remaining at a striking level of 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters), she oozes an ordering presence in the expert domain, where she stands firm on a noticeable foothold as a senior forerunner in promoting. With her height, certainty, and broad mastery, she easily moves through the corporate world without sweat.

Alenda Bautista`s Personal Life

Glenda Bautista turned out to be notable as the previous spouse of Dave Bautista, a prestigious entertainer, previous expert grappler, and jock. Following a time of romance, Glenda and Dave traded promises on Walk 25, 1990, in a wonderful service encompassed by their friends and family. Their association was honored with two girls: Kelilani, brought into the world in 1990, and Athena, brought into the world in 1992. These valuable increments finished their caring family and denoted the start of their process as guardians.

Alenda Bautista`s Family

Glenda Bautista-Pastry specialist was hitched to Dave Bautista from 1990 to 1998, and they were honored with two youngsters, Keilani Bautista and Athena Bautista. Over the long haul, Glenda’s family has extended, and she presently invests wholeheartedly in being a grandma to two grandkids, Aiden Bautista and Jacob Bautista. Her excursion as a mother and grandma has given tremendous pleasure and satisfaction to her own life, adding profundity past her expert achievements. In spite of the finish of her union with Dave Bautista, Glenda remains firmly associated with her family, loving areas of strength for the she imparts to her kids and grandkids. These valuable connections keep on being a foundation of help and satisfaction in her life.


Early Career

Glenda Bautista-Cook started off her profession in the tech business, displaying her talent for taking care of mind boggling projects and flawlessly mixing mechanical advancements with media stages. In her underlying positions, she took on significant jobs in project management and specialized administration, laying the basis for her future triumphs.

Role at Penske Media Corporation

At Penske Media Organization, Glenda plays had a crucial impact in leading the organization’s shift towards digitalization. Filling in as a senior chief, she drives endeavors to consolidate state of the art advancements, hoisting content conveyance and supporting crowd cooperation. Her groundbreaking approach has been vital in laying out PMC as a leader in the computerized media field.


Under Glenda’s direction, PMC has carried out a few prosperous computerized adventures, enhancing the organization’s assortment and expanding its market presence. Glenda’s creative systems have earned her praise in the field, solidifying her status as a visionary chief.

Net Worth

Glenda Bautista-Dough puncher’s monetary standing mirrors her prospering excursion in the media and innovation spaces. Her total assets were estimated at $3 million out of 2021, a demonstration of her prosperous profession. Following her separation, she got a huge total from her better half. In any case, Dave Bautista’s total assets remain at $13 million. Glenda Bautista is regarded for her exceptional accomplishments and impressive abundance amassed throughout the long term.


Glenda and Dave’s sentiment bloomed during their childhood, and following an extended time of dating, they traded promises in a confidential function on Spring 25th, 1990, encompassed by friends and family. Be that as it may, their marriage reached a conclusion following seven years in 1998. In spite of the partition, Glenda and Dave share two lovely little girls, Kelilani and Athena Bautista, who have grown up together in a caring climate. Kelilani, the oldest, is presently hitched and has her very own offspring, making Glenda a pleased grandma of two. In the meantime, Athena has sought after a lifelong in acting in Hollywood. After her split from Dave, Glenda found love once more and wedded Chris Cook, a ranking executive on a basic level Distributing Organization, in 2014. By and by, Glenda partakes in a blissful and stable marriage without any indications of any conjugal issues.


Glenda Bautista-Pastry specialist’s story is a brilliant illustration of her expertise and responsibility in the media and innovation domains. Her situation at Penske Media Organization grandstands her ability for administration and imagination, cementing her significance in the field.


  • Birth and Background: Glenda Bautista-Baker was born on February 5, 1970, in New York, United States. She grew up in the US, developing a passion for technology and media from an early age.
  • Education: Glenda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco, providing her with a strong foundation in technology and business management.
  • Career: Glenda began her career in the tech industry, showcasing her talent for handling complex projects and integrating technological advancements with media platforms. She later joined Penske Media Corporation (PMC), where she played a crucial role in leading the company’s digital transformation as a senior leader.
  • Family: Glenda was previously married to Dave Bautista, a well-known actor, former professional wrestler, and bodybuilder. They have two daughters together, Kelilani and Athena. Glenda is now married to Chris Baker, a senior executive at Heart Publishing Company.
  • Net Worth: Glenda Bautista-Baker’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $1 million, reflecting her successful career in the media and technology industries.


Glenda Bautista-Baker is a prominent figure in the media and technology industries, particularly known for her contributions at Penske Media Corporation. With a background in information systems and a passion for innovation, she has navigated through various roles in her career, ultimately becoming a respected leader in advertising. Despite her high-profile marriage to Dave Bautista, Glenda’s professional achievements and personal life extend far beyond her relationship with the famous actor.


Who is Glenda Bautista-Baker?

Glenda Bautista-Baker is a veteran in the media technology field, known for her extensive knowledge and experience, particularly during her time at Penske Media Corporation.

What is Glenda Bautista’s education background?

Glenda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco, which provided her with a strong foundation for her career in technology and business management.

What is Glenda Bautista’s net worth?

Glenda Bautista’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $1 million, reflecting her successful career in the media and technology industries.

Who is Glenda Bautista married to?

Glenda was previously married to Dave Bautista, with whom she shares two daughters. She is currently married to Chris Baker, a senior executive at Heart Publishing Company.

What is Glenda Bautista’s role at Penske Media Corporation?

At PMC, Glenda plays a senior leadership role, driving the company’s digital transformation efforts and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance content delivery and audience engagement.

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