Gillie Da Kid’s Wealth: How Much Is He Really Worth?, Bio, Career, Family, And More…

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gillie da kid net worth
gillie da kid net worth

Gillie da Youngster, a notable American rapper, writer, and performer, is assessed to be worth somewhere in the range of $5 million. His notoriety is notable overall for the two his tunes and his occupation as a professional writer for famous rapper Lil Wayne. Among his notable accomplishments is the well-received album “Welcome 2 Gilladelphia,” which has strengthened his standing in the music business.

Gillie da kid Net Worth: 

The $5 million estimated net worth of American rapper, actor, and podcast host Gillie Da Kid in 2024 says a lot about his successful career. Gillie shown his abiding passion for music from his earliest days as a co-founder of the Philadelphia hip-hop ensemble Major Figgas.

With his involvement in “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show,” he solidified his position in the entertainment sector and his career took an exciting new turn.

Having held positions at Warner Bros. and Roc-A-Fella, among other illustrious businesses, Gillie has explored a range of fields in the music industry.

 His 2000 debut album, “Figgas 4 Life,” demonstrated his unadulterated talent and commitment to creating meaningful music.

Gillie Da Kid keeps making waves in the hip-hop industry with his company, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment, while venturing into acting and podcast hosting, demonstrating his versatility and passion for the arts.

Who is Gillie da kid?

Nasir Fard, better known as Gillie da Kid, is an American rapper, composer, actor, and podcast presenter. His membership with the Philadelphia-based rap trio Major Figgas helped him rise to popularity in the hip-hop industry. Throughout his career, Gillie da Kid has put out a number of solo albums and mixtapes, becoming well-known for his raw poetic approach. Apart from his musical pursuits, he has dabbled in acting and podcast hosting, hence augmenting his impact within the entertainment sector.


Gillie Da Youngster, a 39-year-old entertainer, was brought into the world on January 1, 1984, and has been a significant power in the diversion world for over 20 years. His profession started with the distribution of rap mixtapes in 1999-2000, which caught the consideration of hip-bounce fans from one side of the planet to the other. All through his broad vocation, Gillie has exhibited his rap ability as well as fiddled with acting, showing up on both of all shapes and sizes screens.

As a charming presenter, he has been a common sight at award presentations and events on the red carpet.

In recent years, Gillie has returned to his musical roots, creating powerful tracks that resonate with fans globally. His international tours as an MC have further solidified his status as a sought-after figure in the industry, introducing audiences to some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Gillie, who is 39 today, is a hip-hop icon of perseverance and achievement, with every year that goes by serving as a new chapter in his incredible journey to become one of the genre’s most beloved originals.

Early Life And Education: 

Hailing from the lively streets of Philadelphia, Gillie da Kid, originally named Nasir Fard, carried a fire within him that burned bright with ambition.

His educational journey took him through Ben Franklin High School and later to Cabrini College, where he pursued a business major. Gillie proved to be not only street-smart but also academically inclined, showcasing a blend of intelligence both on and off the books.

Beyond the classroom, Gillie had a passion for sports, particularly basketball and track.He showed a commitment to both physical and mental strength by balancing his passion of athletics with his academic obligations. This dedication surely paved the way for his subsequent successes in the very competitive hip-hop industry.


Full NameNasir Fard (Gillie da Kid)
NicknameGillie da Kid
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1984
Age38 years (as of 2024)
EducationNot known
Height5′ 7″ (170.18 cm)
Net Worth (2023)$5 million USD
Salary$300k-400k USD
Monthly Income$450k-550k USD
Income SourcesSinging, recording, concerts, brand promotions
FamilyParents: Not disclosed
Siblings: Younger sister named Kiara
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with makeup artist Regina
ChildrenSon and daughter (names undisclosed)
Social MediaInstagram: @gillie_da_king
YouTube: Gillie Da Kid
Twitter: @gilliedakid

Gillie da kid Age: 

Gillie da Kid was born on July 31, 1984, making him 38 years old as of 2024.

height & weight:

Gillie da Kid’s height is 170.18 centimeters, or 1.7018 meters, or around five feet and seven inches. He falls into the typical height range for guys based on his stature. Although his exact weight is unknown, his height points to a standard build for a person of his size.

Gillie da kid Career: 

Motivated by his passion for music, Gillie began his musical career at a young age, entertaining crowds at school and in his community with his concerts. When he co-founded the hip-hop trio “Major Figgas” in 1999, their songs, mixtapes, and critically praised album “Figgas 4 Life” ignited the scene, giving him his big break.

The band suffered obstacles despite its early popularity when Suave House Records lost its distribution rights to Universal Records, which ultimately resulted in their dissolution. Relentlessly, Gillie pursued a solo profession and became extremely well-known for being a suspected ghostwriter for the well-known rapper Lil Wayne.

Hit singles, EPs, and albums like “King of Philly” and “Welcome to Gilladelphia” were the result of Gillie’s solo pursuits. He continues to create waves in the music industry as the manager of his own record label, “Figgies 4 Life Entertainment,” and he also ventures into podcasting with “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.”

Gillie has demonstrated his flexibility by venturing into the acting realm in addition to music. His breakthrough performance in the 2010 action-drama “Caged Animal” signaled the start of a successful acting career that included roles in other TV series and movies, such as “Chase Street,” “The Probe,” and “Force of Execution.”

Significant Figgas

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, Major Figgas’s story was a rollercoaster of aspirations, sweat, and the chase of celebrity. The group, led by Gillie da Kid, Wallo, Ab Liva, Dutch, Ressy Rolx, Bump J, Spade-O, Pnb Rock, and Bianca, sprang from the colorful streets of Philadelphia and quickly gained a devoted fan base with their exciting mixtapes that displayed their unadulterated skill and unique style.

Their big break came in 2000 when they signed a record contract with RuffNation Records and released the much awaited album Figgas 4 Life. The aspirational group had the impression that everything was going to fall into place, opening avenues to mainstream achievement.

Major Figgas’ debut album achieved prominent ranks on the Billboard 200 and Top R&B Hip-Hop Albums list; nonetheless, the band eventually disbanded in 2001 due to internal rifts.

Although their music was well received by critics and did well on the charts, internal disputes among the band members led to rifts that were too great to heal. Major Figgas had a brief period of fame, but they had a lasting impression on Philadelphia’s hip-hop culture.

Their pioneering energy and lasting influence on the early 2000s rap scene are still evident in their legacy. Admirers cherish their memories of them as trailblazers whose impact endures to this day.

Personal Career

Gillie da Kid started a new chapter in his musical career after leaving Major Figgas and Cash Money Records. He refined his expertise as a ghostwriter in publishing before having a big effect on the music industry.

He became well-known in 2007 after releasing “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes,” a mixtape that featured the hit song “Get Down on the Ground.” He became well-known around the world and solidified his reputation as an artist to watch with this painting.

Following his releases of “King of Philly” and “I Am Philly,” Gillie da Kid solidified his position in the rap industry. His skill at narrative and his command of language were evident in every record, winning over both reviewers and listeners.

Gillie da Kid persisted in pushing limits and was committed to his individual endeavors. Records like “Million Dollars Worth of Game” and “Welcome to Gilladelphia” demonstrated his dedication to developing as an artist while being faithful to his origins.

Gillie da Kid has made a name for himself in hip-hop by his unwavering talent and tenacity, demonstrating that a combination of skill, willpower, and genuineness is necessary for success in the music business.

Career in Acting

Gillie da Youngster’s ability isn’t bound to the recording studio; he’s likewise had a tremendous effect in the realm of acting. Wandering into film and TV, he’s spellbound crowds with his dynamic exhibitions. In the dream thrill ride “Ruler of the Road,” Gillie carried a zapping energy to the screen, bringing watchers into a universe of tension and secret. His depiction added profundity to the storyline, having an enduring impact on crowds. Extending his collection, Gillie displayed his flexibility in “The Anger of Cain,” encapsulating complex characters with validness and profundity. His capacity to possess different jobs exhibited his reach as an entertainer, procuring him acclaim from pundits and fans the same. Progressing from music to acting was a consistent move for Gillie. He transformed the cinema with jobs in films like “Power of Execution,” where he conveyed a telling execution that hardened his presence in Hollywood. Notwithstanding his film credits, Gillie caused disturbances in TV with appearances in series like “Blood Brotha” and “Pursue Road.” Across various episodes, he rejuvenated his characters with subtlety and feeling, displaying his ability as a flexible entertainer fit for handling any job tossed his direction.

Creating Podcasts

With hosts Gillie da Kid and his cousin Wallo, The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show boldly introduced authenticity to the podcasting world in 2019. It was a complete mood, not just words.

Their podcast isn’t your normal conversational podcast. The eclectic mix of music, humor, and an impressive guest roster captivates listeners from beginning to end. They offer a delectable blend of knowledge and fun with every episode, offering their perspectives on success, life, and overcoming the most difficult obstacles.

The realism of The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show is what makes it so beautiful. On this platform, unfiltered tales are exchanged, sincere bonds are forged, and listeners leave with a sense of having a new perspective on life.

What Sign of the Zodiac is Gillie Da Kid?

Capricorn is Gillie Da Kid’s astrological sign, which represents his natural ambition, organization, and realism. He was born on January 1st and stands out in his field because to his special combination of strategic planning and independent personality.

His sensitive attitude and methodical approach provide a strong basis for his professional pursuits. Being a Capricorn, Gillie is aware of how crucial timing is to success and uses this knowledge to his advantage to successfully negotiate the challenges of the entertainment industry.

Gillie Da Kid, who has over 39 years of experience in the entertainment business, is positioned to achieve much more in the future, demonstrating the lasting strength of his Capricorn spirit.

Gillie da kid Private Life: 

Gillie Da Youngster, a notable rapper known for his well honed verses and drawing in stage persona, is likewise a caring spouse and father.

With her ability at applying cosmetics, his wife Gene gives his on-stage performances a glamorous touch. They’ve made a lovely family together, and it’s common to see their two young kids supporting their father when he performs.

In addition to being a skilled makeup artist, Gene runs a successful business and helps her husband pursue his dreams. Gillie Da Kid, also known as YNG Cheese, is 40 years old, and he draws inspiration from his family, who are very important to him both on and off the stage.

In 2021, fans eagerly awaited the release of his album “Macc N Cheese,” where YNG Cheese delved into personal themes, showcasing his raw talent and expressing vulnerability and strength in a way that deeply resonated with listeners.

Gillie da kid Siblings: 

Gillie Da Kid has kept a lot of information about his public life private, especially when it comes to his parents and family history. It has come to light that he has a younger sister called Kiara despite this secrecy. Beyond this little tidbit of information, Gillie has refrained from going into great depth about his familial background in favor of concentrating on his profession and musical pursuits.


With Regina, a gifted cosmetics artist who has won Gillie over, he has discovered love. They have created a lovely family together, even though their son and daughter’s names are still unknown. Gillie and Regina aren’t afraid to show their love for one another, even if they keep some parts of their family life secret. They frequently post adorable pictures of their time together on Facebook and Instagram for their followers to see.

In 2021, fans eagerly awaited the release of his album “Macc N Cheese,” where YNG Cheese delved into personal themes, showcasing his raw talent and expressing vulnerability and strength in a way that deeply resonated with listeners.

Gillie da kid And Regina Sons: 

At this point, Gillie da Youngster has not freely uncovered the names of his kids. Notwithstanding, it is realized that he imparts a child and a little girl to his accomplice, Regina, who is a notable cosmetics craftsman. While Gillie likes to keep specific parts of his everyday life private, he infrequently shares looks at his bond with his kids via online entertainment, offering fans a look into their caring relational peculiarity.

Social Media Presence: 

By following Gillie da Kid on social media, you may be informed about his most recent projects and observations. He may be found on Instagram at @gillie_da_king, where he posts interesting stuff, music updates, and life photographs. Visit Gillie Da Kid’s YouTube page for more videos and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes information. You may also follow him on Twitter at @gilliedakid, where he updates his work, offers his opinions, and engages with his followers. Keep up with him on these channels to get involved in his entertainment career and keep in touch.


Net Worth Estimate: Gillie Da Kid’s net worth is estimated to be between $4 and $5 million.

Career Highlights: His notable achievements include his role as a ghostwriter for Lil Wayne and the success of his album “Welcome 2 Gilladelphia.”

Music Career: Gillie started his music career as a member of the hip-hop group Major Figgas and later pursued a solo career.

Acting Ventures: He has ventured into acting, starring in films like “Caged Animal” and “Force of Execution.”

Podcast Hosting: Gillie co-hosts “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show” with his cousin Wallo, offering a unique blend of entertainment and insights.

Business Ventures: He manages his own record label, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Family Life: Gillie is in a relationship with makeup artist Regina, and they have children together, although their names remain undisclosed.

Social Media Presence: He is active on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where he engages with his fans and shares updates about his career.


Renowned American entertainment industry personality Gillie Da Kid has accumulated an estimated net worth of $4 to $5 million. His professional background includes acting, music, podcast hosting, and business. Gillie has demonstrated his aptitude and adaptability throughout his career, ranging from his early days as a member of Major Figgas to his solo pursuits and acting attempts. He maintains his prominence in the field despite juggling his career and personal obligations.


1.What is Gillie Da Kid’s estimated net worth?

Gillie Da Kid’s net worth is estimated to be between $4 and $5 million.

2.What are some highlights of Gillie Da Kid’s career?

Gillie Da Kid’s career highlights include his role as a ghostwriter for Lil Wayne, the success of his album “Welcome 2 Gilladelphia,” and his podcast hosting on “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show.”

3.Does Gillie Da Kid have any other business ventures besides music?

Yes, Gillie Da Kid manages his own record label, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment, showcasing his entrepreneurial endeavors.

4.What is Gillie Da Kid’s family life like?

Gillie Da Kid is in a relationship with makeup artist Regina, and they have children together, although their names have not been disclosed.

5.Where can I find Gillie Da Kid on social media?

Gillie Da Kid is active on Instagram (@gillie_da_king), YouTube (Gillie Da Kid), and Twitter (@gilliedakid), where he shares updates about his career and engages with his fans.

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