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Electronic Identity

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancement and machine learning services have influenced the business activities of various sectors. These automated services can positively and negatively affect business operations with the abundance of confidential information. The healthcare sector accumulates the sensitive information of several patients, making them desirable to the imposters. The imposters steal the patient’s medical information and use it to illicitly access healthcare services. A report showed that in 2020, online scams in the healthcare sector accounted for 58% of all fraudulent activities. The medical sector should computerize its authentication services with the incorporation of electronic identity verification services.         

Electronic Identification Check – Automate Patient Onboarding Process

Electronic identity verification services examine the customer’s identity through computerized and automated technological tools. These services can revolutionize the healthcare sector because they can ensure protection from medical health fraud. The healthcare sector is prone to various scams, including double billing and kickback attempts. The medical service providers are often involved in illicit activities and exploit the patient’s medical records. They make false claims regarding the insurance policies by stealing the medical details and prescriptions of legitimate patients. They breach the patient’s identity documents and try to access the medical services without any cost. These activities exploit the patient’s medical experience and result in increased turnover rates. 

The utilization of electronic verification services can overcome all these issues and can automate the patient onboarding process. The healthcare service providers must begin by thoroughly examining the patient’s identity documents. This involves the assessment of their identity cards, social security numbers, and proof of income. E-IDV services are powered with artificial intelligence technologies, which allow them to thoroughly assess a patient’s identity profiles. They must conduct an extensive screening of patients and medical personnel before onboarding them. This ensures that the medical services are accessible to legitimate entities and mitigates illicit entities from breaching the patient’s sensitive medical records.           

E-ID Verification Process – Computerize the Extraction of Medical Records 

Electronic identity verification services utilize deep learning technologies in the data extraction process. The healthcare sector must incorporate optical character recognition (OCR) solutions in their document verification process because it can extract unstructured medical records and convert them into computerized servers, allowing them to detect inconsistencies in the documents. These services can automate the healthcare sector by automating medical records and storing them in digital servers. 

The OCR tools can effectively detect the data manipulation in the documents, mitigating the imposter’s attempt at illicitly accessing medical services. Optical character recognition services can analyze the documents and screen out all the alterations, substitutions, and fabrications in the documents. These services are protected with encrypted protocols and codes, which allow them to store the patient’s medical records in their databases that are accessible to only authorized personnel.      

E Verify Identification – Significance of Biometric Facial Recognition Services  

The healthcare sector can automate the patient’s identity authentication process by incorporating biometric validation services. The biometric verification services streamline the patient onboarding process because they analyze the customer’s authenticity by examining their facial characteristics and comparing them with the patient’s documents stored in the hospital’s database. The biometric facial identity checks are backed by machine learning algorithms which allow them to detect customers’ facial textures through 3D motion and depth analysis. This shows whether the person trying to access the medical services is an authentic entity or a spoof. Healthcare institutions must acquire these services while registering patients. This ensures that the insurance claims are made by authentic patients and are not being manipulated by imposters.     

Electronic Verification of Identity – Ensure Compliance with HIPAA Regulations

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, is an official regulation that must be obligated by the healthcare sector. This protects the patient’s medical records from illicit access and secures the information in encrypted databases. Healthcare service providers can automate their medical services and provide medical services to only authentic patients by complying with these regulations. 

The utilization of digital identity verification services allows medical operators to connect with patients through online applications. These applications can only be accessed by authentic patients after completing the biometric verification. These applications and electronic medical cards can limit access to equipment and emergency rooms. The medical rooms can only be accessed by authorized personnel, mitigating the imposter’s attempt to exploit the patient’s medical records.       

Concluding Remarks 

Electronic identity verification services are revolutionizing the healthcare sector by automating the patient identification process. These services allow healthcare service providers to verify the patient’s identity through biometric verification and OCR scanners. These digital authentication services ensure that the medical services are accessed by only legitimate entities. They prevent imposters from exploiting the patient’s medical records and making illicit insurance claims. Digital identity authentication services can automate medical services by launching online applications for patients through which they can access medical services through online platforms.

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