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chris distefano wife
chris distefano wife

I love Jazzy Distefano’s strength! In addition to being a licensed fitness instructor, she strongly supports leading a healthy lifestyle. Her use of her platform to support women coping with postpartum depression is very amazing. Many people are fighting a difficult struggle, so having someone like Jazzy on their side must be quite important. Additionally, she has a relationship with stand-up comedian Chris Distefano. They seem to be this dynamic pair, each having a unique influence on the other’s creative output. To be honest, it’s quite inspirational to see.

Chris Distefano Wife?

Formerly known as Jasmin Canuelas, Jazzy Distefano is a major player in the social media and fitness industries. She is passionate about promoting healthy living and has the credentials to support her claims. She has the ability to make working out enjoyable, whether she’s teaching spin courses, killing it in Zumba classes, or energizing a group fitness class.

But what really sets Jazzy apart is her Jazzymethod. It’s this awesome workout program she’s crafted that blends music with exercise, making workouts not just effective but enjoyable too. It’s like she’s found the secret sauce to keeping people motivated and moving.

Beyond her fitness gigs, Jazzy’s also deeply passionate about helping women through postpartum depression. She’s not just talking the talk either; she’s walking the walk, sharing her own journey to provide support and resources for others facing similar struggles. That kind of empathy and dedication is truly inspiring.

Who is Chris Distefano?

Lively, also known as Chris Distefano, strikes me as a vibrant, upbeat person who is well rooted in her cultural and familial heritage. She seems to have gone through some difficult times, such as losing her father, but she has persevered and recovered, largely because of her family and her personal journey.

Chris is incredibly cool because of her colorful personality and commitment to maintaining her health. She seems to be a beacon of optimism and knowledge, constantly willing to help people find their own pathways to well-being. You know, you can just feel her energy uplifting you?


This brings us to Chris Distefano, the energetic wellness guru from thriving Brooklyn, New York. In the rich tapestry of American culture, she joyfully embraces her Hispanic background while maintaining a strong connection to her roots.

Growing up with her loving parents, Liz and Edwin Canuelas, Jazzy learned some invaluable lessons in resilience and compassion, especially from her hardworking father who sadly passed away in early 2018. But even through the toughest times, her family remained her rock, alongside her two siblings—a brother who’s been by her side through it all, and a sister named Jessica, whose unwavering support keeps fueling her fire.

Despite the challenges, Jazzy’s spirit shines bright, lighting up paths to wellness and health for anyone who crosses her path. She’s like this unstoppable force, spreading positivity and wisdom wherever she goes.

Early Life 

Permit me to introduce you to Chris Distefano, who was brought into the world on August 26, 1984, in the focal point of Brooklyn, New York. His folks, Tony and Donna Distefano, isolated right off the bat throughout everyday life, messing up his arrangements and putting him for the most part under his mom’s consideration.Tony, his father, had an interesting past that included dabbling in motocross racing and other less conventional pursuits like gambling.

Despite the difficulties in his home, Chris was able to settle comfortably at Queens’ Archbishop Molloy High School.That’s how his sense of humor and his love of making people laugh came about. I find it incredible that he turned his passion for making others laugh into a successful career.


NameFun “Jazzy” Distefano
Birth NameChris Distefano
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1984
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
HeritageAmerican, Hispanic
ParentsLiz and Edwin Canuelas
SiblingsBrother, Sister (Jessica)
SpouseChris Distefano
ChildrenDelilah (2015), Violette (2021), Stepson Tristan
OccupationFitness expert, Social media influencer
Notable WorksJazzymethod exercise program
FocusFitness, Wellness, Postpartum Depression Support
Net WorthNot specified
HeightNot specified (around 5’11”)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Social MediaActive on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Marriage YearAround 2019
Marriage DurationSince 2019

Chris Distefano Wife Age 

Chris Distefano, who was brought into the world on August 26, 1984, in the clamoring neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, is 38 years of age starting around 2024. Chris, who was up in the clamoring city of Brooklyn, has caught the hearts of numerous with his convincing exhibitions and sharp mind. His infectious enthusiasm and endearing demeanor are what have truly made him stand out and made him a rising sensation in Hollywood.

Body Measurements 

Chris Distefano is approximately five feet eleven inches tall. Even if he conceals his weight, his piercing green eyes and brown hair make him easy to identify.

Chris Distefano Wife Career 

Chris Distefano’s profession is about his talent for satire and his steady quest for chuckling. Everything started off back in 2009 when he dove carelessly into the dynamic satire scene of New York City. However, it was his advanced jobs on MTV’s “Fellow Code” and “Young lady Code” that truly placed him on the guide. His comical takes on connections inspired an emotional response from crowds, acquiring him broad acknowledgment.

From there, Chris’s charm and quick wit earned him spots on some of the biggest late-night talk shows, like “Late Show with David Letterman” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” catapulting his career even further.

What’s more, we should not disregard his parody specials. “Chris Distefano: Size 38 Midriff,” delivered by Fun times TV in 2019, and “Speshy Weshy,” which debuted on Netflix in 2022, truly exhibit his comedic chops and cement his status as a champion entertainer in the satire world.

Chris Distefano Wife Net Worth 

The latest financial updates from Chris Distefano have generated attention. The well-known comedian is only 34 years old and is said to have a $43 million net worth as of 2022–2023. Enormous, indeed. His extraordinarily lucrative comedic career has allowed him to accumulate a considerable wealth, demonstrating the value of his talent and perseverance. And that makes sense, given that he was raised in the energetic metropolis of New York, where he developed his skills and established himself as a prominent figure in the comedy industry.

Personal Life 

It has been rumored on social media that Chris Distefano is married! There are rumors that his spouse is called Jazzy Distefano. You’re not alone if you can’t wait to find out more about Chris and his enigmatic marital status. It looks like there may be some interesting information to learn!


Chris Distefano, a Brooklyn native, came into this world with hardly a whisper on the bustling streets of New York City.Even though he has a bright personality and a comic gift, not much is known about his family history. It seems as though all of the specifics of his early life are shrouded in mystery; we don’t even know his parents’ names, and there hasn’t been any public reference to siblings.

Chris’ excursion from the dull corners of Brooklyn to the splendid lights of satire stages, be that as it may, is a landmark to his diligence and drive, even despite the vulnerabilities encompassing his own life.It resembles he’s this brilliant illustration of how you can transcend any test with sufficient coarseness and drive, regardless of where you come from.

Married Life 

Chris Distefano and his significant other, Awesome Distefano, have been cheerfully hitched since around 2019. Awesome, a web powerhouse and wellness master, gives this unique combo significantly more energy. They previously fell head over heels in 2014, and they haven’t been separated since.’

Over the years, their family has expanded magnificently. Two gorgeous daughters, Delilah (born in 2015) and little Violette (born in 2021), make them proud parents. However, their blended family is made up of more than just biological links as Chris also kindly accepts Snazzy’s son Tristan from a prior relationship as a member of the family.

Their life together is a mosaic of love, joy, and treasured memories that they frequently share with the world on social media. It’s obvious that they enjoy spending time together and making treasured family memories.


As the proud father of two stunning daughters, Delilah (born in 2015) and Violette (born in 2021), Chris Distefano’s heart bursts with pride. However, his affection is unconditional, and he also accepts his responsibilities as Tristan’s stepfather—his wife Jazzy’s kid from a previous relationship. Whatever their origins, their family seems to be the ideal embodiment of love and unity.

Social Media Presence 

Chris Distefano is all over online entertainment, from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It resembles he’s intriguing fans into his reality, both on and off the stage. On the off chance that you look at his Instagram feed, you’ll find a blend of silly photographs and recordings displaying his family, bits from his parody gigs, and a few in the background minutes that give you a look into his life. It resembles he’s arranging this dynamic image of giggling and love so that everybody might be able to see. And afterward there’s his Twitter channel, where he’s continually presenting silly perceptions, sharing updates on what’s going on in his reality, and dropping clues about his most recent activities. It resembles following him on Twitter resembles having an unparalleled view to the parody show that is his life.


Name: Jazzy Distefano, formerly known as Jasmine Canuelas.

Occupation: Jazzy is a fitness expert and social media influencer.

Passion for Healthy Living: Jazzy is passionate about promoting healthy living and wellness.

Jazzymethod: She has created the Jazzymethod exercise program, which blends music with exercise to make workouts enjoyable.

Support for Postpartum Depression: Jazzy is dedicated to supporting women dealing with postpartum depression, sharing her own journey and providing resources for others.

Relationship with Chris Distefano: Jazzy is married to Chris Distefano, the well-known comedian.

Blended Family: Together, they have two daughters, Delilah (born in 2015) and Violette (born in 2021), and Jazzy’s son, Tristan, from a previous relationship.


Jazzy Distefano, formerly known as Jasmine Canuelas, is a prominent figure in the fitness and social media industries. She is passionate about promoting healthy living and wellness, and she has created the Jazzymethod exercise program, which combines music with exercise to make workouts enjoyable. In addition to her fitness endeavors, Jazzy is dedicated to supporting women dealing with postpartum depression, sharing her own journey and providing resources for others. Jazzy is married to Chris Distefano, the well-known comedian, and together they have two daughters and Jazzy’s son from a previous relationship.


1.What is Jazzy Distefano’s occupation?

Jazzy is a fitness expert and social media influencer.

2.What is the Jazzymethod?

The Jazzymethod is an exercise program created by Jazzy Distefano that incorporates music to make workouts enjoyable.

3.How does Jazzy support women dealing with postpartum depression?

Jazzy shares her own journey and provides resources for women dealing with postpartum depression.

4.Who is Jazzy married to?

Jazzy is married to Chris Distefano, the well-known comedian.

5.How many children does Jazzy have?

Jazzy has two daughters, Delilah and Violette, and a son named Tristan from a previous relationship.

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