The Strength Behind the Throne: Amanda Dunaway, Brandon Walker’s Wife

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brandon walker
brandon walker

One well-known sports betting analyst is Brandon Walker. His career at MyBookie brought him initial notoriety, and he went on to have a big effect at Barstool Sports. Shortly after earning his undergraduate degree, Brandon started his writing profession. His upbringing was spent in Mississippi. He first had trouble getting employment at major newspapers, but he persisted in taking low-paying gigs until Barstool Sports offered him a daily position.

Because he is renowned for his open communication and commitment to his profession, Brandon keeps up his hard work and records interviews even when he is ill. Thanks to his interest, he’s been able to go on private jets across the country and meet famous athletes.

Brandon Walker’s Current Wife in 2024: Amanda Dunaway

After nearly ten years of marriage, Brandon Walker keeps a high degree of privacy around Amanda Dunaway. Amanda is an educator at Itawamba Community College and hails from Booneville, MS. The pair values their privacy, and Amanda has encouraged Brandon’s career, particularly since he moved to New York to work for Barstool Sports.


NameBrandon Walker
Age(Not disclosed)
OccupationSports Betting Analyst
Date of Birth(Not disclosed)
Star Sign(Not disclosed)
Ethnicity(Not disclosed)
Hair Color(Not disclosed)
Eye Color(Not disclosed)
Height(Not disclosed)
Weight(Not disclosed)

Brandon Walker Life

Brandon Walker started working as a sports betting analyst after he graduated from college in Mississippi. Even though he had some problems early in his work, he didn’t give up, and Barstool Sports eventually gave him a big chance. Brandon’s main selling point at Barstool is that he can say what he wants without being stopped, which makes his material real and interesting.

Outside of work, Brandon Walker is a devoted family man. His online posts frequently reveal glimpses into his family life. He is happily married, with five children and a cat named Fluffy. Even though Brandon discusses his family in public, he keeps their names private. Throughout his career, his wife has been a source of strength. She has celebrated his successes and even relocated the family to New York when he accepted a job offer from BarStool.

Brandon Walker Education

Brandon Walker’s educational background has not been released. However, his journey from Mississippi college to becoming a well-known expert in sports betting analysis demonstrates his commitment to his job.

How did Amanda Dunaway and Brandon Walker meet?

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway, both Mississippi State University class of 2002 grads, met while in college. After graduation, they married and have four children. 

Brandon Walker has established himself as a sports gambling commentator for Barstool Sports, while Amanda Dunaway teaches at Itawamba Community College.

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway’s Children

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway are the joyful parents of four children: one son named Tommy and three girls, one of whom is known as Emma Grace Walker. 

While Brandon has remained pretty discreet regarding the identities of his other children, Tommy has expressed an interest in following in his father’s footsteps as a sports analyst.

This feature gives a personal touch to the family dynamic, demonstrating a common love of sports among the members.

Brandon Walker’s Career

Brandon Walker began his career in Mississippi as a radio host and producer, reporting on local sports and news. He has worked as a writer and editor for several websites and magazines, including SEC Country, Gridiron Now, and Mississippi Gridiron.

He became well-known for his informed and fervent opinions on college football, particularly at Mississippi State, his alma mater. He received an invitation to join Barstool Sports in 2019 from Dave Portnoy, the company’s founder and president.To take advantage of this opportunity, he relocated to New York with his wife and four children from Mississippi.

Brandon Walker Net Worth

Although Brandon Walker’s exact net worth is unknown, his success in the business can be attributed to his substantial work as a sports betting expert at Barstool Sports and his prior interactions with MyBookie. His general prosperity has probably been influenced by his dedication to producing interesting content and perceptive analysis.


Brandon Walker, a sports betting analyst, rose to prominence through roles at MyBookie and Barstool Sports.

Despite early career challenges, Brandon’s commitment to his work and authentic style earned him recognition.

Brandon’s wife, Amanda Dunaway, is an educator at Itawamba Community College, and they value their privacy.

The couple met at Mississippi State University and have been married for nearly ten years, raising four children together.

Brandon’s career shift to Barstool Sports led to a relocation to New York, supported by Amanda.

The couple’s dedication to family is evident, with Brandon sharing glimpses of their life online while respecting their privacy.


Brandon Walker, a renowned sports betting analyst, gained fame through his career at MyBookie and later at Barstool Sports. Despite initial struggles, his perseverance and dedication to his craft led to his success. Married for nearly a decade, Brandon and his wife Amanda Dunaway, an educator from Mississippi, maintain a private life while supporting each other’s endeavors. Their family, including four children, remains central to Brandon’s life, with his wife serving as a pillar of strength throughout his career transitions.


1. How did Brandon Walker begin his career?

Brandon started as a sports betting analyst after graduating from college in Mississippi, eventually gaining attention at Barstool Sports.

2. How did Brandon and Amanda meet?

Both graduated from Mississippi State University in 2002 and married shortly after. They met during their time at college.

3. What is Amanda Dunaway’s profession?

Amanda is an educator at Itawamba Community College, supporting Brandon’s career while maintaining privacy.

4. How many children do Brandon and Amanda have?

The couple has four children, including one son named Tommy and three daughters, one of whom is Emma Grace Walker.

5. What is Brandon Walker’s approach to family privacy?

While Brandon shares aspects of his family life online, he keeps their identities private, respecting their privacy while celebrating their achievements.

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