Brad Lea Net Worth: Wiki, Age, Height Personal Life, Career & More Detail

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brad lea net worth
brad lea net worth


Brad Lea Brad Lea, an entrepreneur and businessman with a sizable online following, is defined by his net worth. His creation of LightSpeed VT, an interactive virtual training system, brought him great wealth. Through his books, workshops, and podcast, he has become a thought leader. 

The net worth of Brad Lea and other relevant details will be covered in this article. If you’re interested, please read the article through to the end. A comprehensive global database of VIPs is maintained on this website. The most recent statistics available for 2024 projects Brad Lea’s net worth to be $8 million.

Brad Lea Net Worth 2023

The main factor contributing to Brad Lea’s remarkable $30 million net worth in 2023 was his profitable business endeavors.

Being a well-known figure on the internet, he also makes money via book sales and YouTube advertisements.

Brad is well on his way to reaching bigger financial milestones in the future with his unwavering determination and ongoing success; it wouldn’t be shocking to see him cross the $100 million mark in the upcoming years. His remarkable journey is proof of the ability of resiliency and diligence to leave a lasting legacy.

What is Brad Lea Doing Now?

Right now, Brad Lea works with LightSpeed VT. He also posts a variety of inspirational films and vlogs on his YouTube and podcast channels.

In addition, he is currently enjoying every moment of his life with his spouse and six kids.

Brad Lea also likes to invest in companies in order to raise money and get fame.

Brad Lea  Early Years

On November 9, 1969, Brad Lea was brought into the world in Cabin Woods, Oregon. When he was fourteen, his family moved to Eugene, Oregon. He had spent a significant amount of his formative years in that place.

Brad is from a middle-class family and has had many highs and lows in his life. Brad added that his father had some entrepreneurial skills in an interview.

He dropped out of school at age 16 to focus on his dream of becoming a movie star. But after six months, he gives up and becomes insolvent. He then got employment as a salesperson to address the problem.


Full NameBrad Lea
Professional NameBrad Lea
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth9 November 1969
Place of BirthCottage Grove, Oregon, USA
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight95 kg

Education of Brad Lea

Brad Lea’s inability to attend school caused him to fall short of his educational goals. His professors say he’s not smart enough to make it through high school. He went to school, but he eventually left. He therefore decided to pursue a profession in education. All in all, he was a singular mind. He therefore expected a solution that went beyond just completing the authentication.

Brad Lea Age 

Brad Lea was brought into the world on January 27, 1969 in the town of Cabin Woods, Oregon. He is 54 years of age starting around 2023. At the point when Leah was two years of age, his separated from guardians set him and his three kin in child care. His dad, then again, at last got them out of the halfway house. Lea experienced childhood in a common home. Lea later exited school when he was 16 years of age.

Brad Lea Height & Weight

Brad Lea is five feet ten inches tall and weighs roughly 72 kg.His hair and eyes are both brown. There are no precise body measurements available.

Brad Lea Education 

Brad Lea’s inability to attend school caused him to fall short of his educational goals. His professors say he’s not smart enough to make it through high school. He went to school, but he eventually left. He therefore decided to pursue a profession in education. All in all, he was a singular mind. He therefore expected a solution that went beyond just completing the authentication.

Brad Lea Personal Life

In his lifetime, Brad Lea has been married twice. Not much is known about his first wife, but they split up after having three kids together.

He has three children with Melissa Renee Lea, his second wife. Brad’s ability to build a solid foundation for himself and his family, as well as his resilience, are evident in his personal life.

Brad Lea Career

In his early days, Brad aspired to become an actor, but after facing challenges in securing roles, he decided to shift his focus. He later excelled as a car salesman, honing his sales skills in the process.

Recognizing his potential to teach and inspire others, Brad ventured into the world of online learning. In 1999, he founded LightSpeed VT, aiming to revolutionize the field of online education. As his company grew, Brad’s reputation as an influential figure in the digital space also soared.

Brad used his celebrity to develop the podcast “Dropping Bombs,” which helped aspiring business owners create profitable ventures. With 150,000 subscribers, his own YouTube channel offers thought-provoking snippets from his podcast programs. Brad is also a talented writer, having written novels such as “The Real Deal” and “The Hard Way.”

Award & Achievement

Brad Lea holds numerous accolades. Numerous prestigious universities have honored him with honors for his enjoyable work. He is extremely lucky to have been bestowed with multiple historic honors from presidents and other prominent individuals. It is so widely acknowledged that he achieved the pinnacle of his field at the time of triumph.

People from all around the world have only gotten to know him through his entertainment of the younger generation. Brad Lea is also quite proud of the several important awards he has received.

How Much Does Brad Lea Make a Year?

As chairman and CEO of LightSpeed VT, Brad Lea has a respectable salary. There, he has been employed since 2000. Having worked at the company for 22 years, he has amassed multiple millionaires.

Brad Lea has other jobs, such as investing in businesses. He earns no less than $500 thousand per year from this position.

Brad Lea also has a podcast called Dropping Bombs. The podcast channel covers certain real estate, leadership, and marketing channels.

He also has an official YouTube channel called Brad Lea TV. It is still young, but he is making a lot of money from it. He earns $40,000 each year from his YouTube channel through ad money.

Relationship Status

Brad Lea may give the impression that he is single, yet beneath his public image, he is married. His long-term spouse is really helpful. They are happy in their married lives and have traveled a great bit. We hope that they have enduring happiness as a couple and that the world witnesses the beauty of their love.

How Much Money Does Brad Lea Make from YouTube?

As per Social Blade, Brad Lea started his own YouTube channel on October 3, 2011. But he only started uploading vids recently. Over 153,000 individuals follow him on subscription. His annual salary from YouTube commercials is from $30,000 to $40,000.

Not many people are aware that YouTubers receive roughly $2 for every thousand views.Every episode of Brad Lea’s YouTube channel averaged fifty thousand views. Here are a few of his revenue statements for easy access:

DateAmount (dollars)

Brad Lea’s income statements have been steadily increasing. And he’s making a fine living from here. It is a well-known truth that he began making money through his YouTube account.

Brad Lea’s daily, weekly, monthly, and annual earnings are shown below to help you understand him better:

Income TypeAmount (dollars)


Entrepreneurial Success: Brad Lea is an accomplished entrepreneur known for founding LightSpeed VT, a virtual training system, which has contributed significantly to his wealth.

Online Influence: With a substantial online following, Brad Lea is recognized as a thought leader through his books, workshops, podcasts, and social media presence.

Net Worth Growth: Brad Lea’s net worth reached $30 million in 2023, driven by his successful business ventures and various revenue streams, including book sales and YouTube advertisements.

Early Challenges: Despite facing setbacks in his early years, including dropping out of school at 16, Brad Lea’s determination led him to a successful career in sales before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Personal Life: Brad Lea has been married twice and has six children. His personal life reflects his commitment to building a strong family foundation alongside his professional endeavors.

Career Transition: Initially aspiring to become an actor, Brad Lea pivoted to sales before founding LightSpeed VT in 1999, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

Influence and Recognition: Brad Lea’s influence extends beyond business, as he has received accolades and honors for his contributions to entrepreneurship and online education.


Brad Lea is an independent business person whose excursion from humble starting points to significant riches and impact exhibits the influence of assurance and versatility. Through his creative endeavors like LightSpeed VT and his significant web-based presence, he has laid down a good foundation for himself as an unmistakable figure in the computerized business venture scene. In spite of confronting early difficulties, Brad’s resolute obligation to progress has pushed him to accomplish momentous achievements, both expertly and by and by. His story fills in as a motivation hoping for business people, underlining the significance of constancy and commitment in seeking after one’s objectives.


1. What is Brad Lea’s net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Brad Lea’s net worth is estimated at $8 million, reflecting his continued success and diverse revenue streams.

2. How did Brad Lea start his career?

Brad Lea initially pursued acting but later excelled in sales before founding LightSpeed VT in 1999, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

3. How many children does Brad Lea have?

Brad Lea has a total of six children, three from each of his marriages.

4. What are Brad Lea’s main sources of income?

Brad Lea generates income primarily through LightSpeed VT, book sales, investments in businesses, and revenue from his YouTube channel and podcast, “Dropping Bombs.”

5. What accolades has Brad Lea received?

Brad Lea has received numerous honors and awards for his contributions to entrepreneurship and online education, earning recognition from prestigious universities and notable individuals worldwide.

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